Friday, May 15, 2009

39 Weeks Gestation

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to feel like a broken record on these posts; it seems like every day is about the same as far as feeding goes. I hope the blog's not gettng boring! This morning, Willow took 25 mLs breastfeeding. Then I went to pump, and when I went back in, Josh was there holding her, which was a surprise. I knew he was coming down early because he had a sprinkler job to do in Big Bay. But I thought he'd pretty much work a full day and then come over. Turns out the job wasn't until 2:00 so he came over first. Later this evening Willow took another full feed and then some.

It was a sort of eventful day in a not-so-good way though. Willow's had high blood pressure the last few days. They couldn't figure out why. They did an ultrasound of her kidneys and collected some pee. How do you collect pee from an infant, you ask? By taping a little plastic bag to her bum. Well, the pee came back normal. The ultrasound seemed pretty normal too. Dr. Grandy seems very unconcerned and even said the "H" word to us. Neither he nor Dr. Frei has mentioned "Home" to us once yet but he said the Radiologist asked him what Willow's symptoms were and he said "none! This baby's on the fast track to going home!" So...we're not sure what to think. He said this issue has not changed anything as far as the timetable for going home, and she may just have to go home on some medicine. They're still doing a couple more tests, and the whole issue seems pretty inconclusive and confusing (as so much in medicine can seem to a layperson, I've learned), but basically I think it has something to do with her chronic lung disease. For now all they've done is put her on a diuretic. Although she's still peeing, so that confuses me too. Sorry if what I'm saying makes no sense; there are just so many parts to it and none of them make much sense to us either! We were grateful to Dr. Grandy for taking the time to try to explain it to us. I decided I like Dr. Grandy despite the fact that he still thinks Willow's a boy! It's actually funny. I was there at her bedside today and he was examining her, He saw her girl parts and a minute later he still called her a "he". Ha. Anyway, stay tuned for developments, but I don't think this is an issue to worry about. (I keep telling myself that).

Look at her checking out Daddy.

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Sharon Elise said...

Look at her check out Josh! Love it. That's SO funny you were humming the ventilator song Linds. And I love Willow's Born in '09 w/purple sweats and an orange hat. Remember Linds-you hold the all-time record for worst-dressed in a public place-at the Phoenix airport, spring break 1998, when you had the purple shirt and teal wind pants outfit and your dad's huge orange backpack. Pretty similar to to Willow's outfit, gotta say. But you were 20.

Hummmhummmhummm-come home soon Willow!