Monday, May 11, 2009

A Great Day for Sucking!

Hi everyone,

Willow had a great day today. She had her two longest nursing sessions yet. At her 10:00 AM feeding, she took 50 mLs! That number happens to be her full feed number these days, so they didn't even gavage her at all. I actually didn't quite believe that number; there've been other times when she nursed for almost as long and the scale said she took 10 or 15 mLs. I'm just not sure how accurate it is. But if it says she took 50 mLs, I'll take it! At her 7 PM feeding, it was definitely the longest she's ever stayed on. She even latched back on and continued after we took a burp break, which she's never done before. Normally, if she slows down, I'll stop to burp her and then try to put her back on but she will forget what she was supposed to be doing and fall asleep. This time she remembered and kept going. She was a champ! The scale only said 20 mLs for that one, but whatever. I'm just so proud of how well she did today. I can't wait until tomorrow to see if she does just as well. She's been on twice-daily nipplings for what seems like forever now. Hopefully if she does this good tomorrow, her doctor will increase it to 3 times a day. I actually have a set appointment with Dr. Frei tomorrow; she's been so busy with the exploding NICU and all the more critical babies, we haven't had a chance to connect and talk about Willow for weeks. Hopefully I can get a better idea of what is going on and get some sort of estimate for a discharge date. Josh has the car seat installed and ready to go; now we just need a baby to put in it!

Aunt Jill asked if Willow got me a mother's day present; as a matter of fact, she did. Check out the little flower pot the NICU nurses made for each "NICU Mommy". That really took some ambition to get every baby's handprint on those pots!


Robin and Bill said...

Such great news tonight and Willow looks just wonderful!! I'm sure it won't be too much longer until she's home with you if she keeps up with that!!
I am so happy for you guys!!
Love, Robin

Cameron said...


WILLOW is a CHAMPION, my friend & she'll keep on fightin to the end.

An amazing day for an amazing girl. Keep up the stars!

-Cam & Liz