Monday, May 4, 2009

Took a whole bottle!


Lindsay and I are now back in Houghton. We got back late last night after a great day with Willow. She did ok at feeding with Lindsay, but she still wasn't very into it. However, this evening when I called the NICU they said she took her entire bottle at her 1PM feeding. The best part is that Willow was with the speech therapist when she did it. I guess she really decided to show off. The last time the speech therapist came by was 2 weeks ago. During that visit Willow only took 2mls, today she took 46. Good girl! The speech therapist used a slightly different bottle, so mabye that was the trick. Or mabye it's really starting to click in her head how the whole feeding thing works. Whatever it is, I hope it continues.

Willow's up to 5 lbs 6.6oz, that over an oz. from yesterday. She's really starting to fill out. Her legs and arms are getting chunky and squeezable. We really can't wait to get her home. Today we got Willow's crib mattress came in the mail. Thanks to my parants for that. Willow will have countless dream filled nights on it. We also got a pad for the changing table, which was a gift from our good friend Kathy. Thanks again for all the great gifts for Willow. The clothes are already getting good use, the rest of the things will get put to work, and play, very soon. The nursury is just about ready. I'll post a picture of it soon.

We all made it through Monday. Now we can start looking forward to the weekend. Have a good rest of the week.



Amy said...

Love the tree hugger onesie!! Haha - so cute. Glad she's filling out to be squishy & round -now we just need Linds to put on some weight! Love you guys! Mark & Amy

Christine Hodges said...

Willow looks so good and is getting to be a chunk! (no, not really! :-) )I hope and pray that you will be able to take her home soon. What a great day that will be! Hang in there!

Cameron said...


DRINK IT UP WILLOW & MAKE IT ALL GONE!!! Great job, all of you. I love that she's getting bigger...any rubber bands yet on her wrists or ankles?

Balancing things really is tricky, but its worth it for her to come home & for Lindsay to have some time left. Can't wait to see the baby's room.

We were down in MN last weekend, but are back & are around. Maybe we can stop by on a not-so-busy night?

-Cam & Liz