Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom's on Maternity Leave!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my last day of work. Hopefully. I'm going to go back next week on Thursday and Friday IF Willow is still a ways from being discharged. I guess I really don't know how close she is (nurses are still tight-lipped about it), but it seems to me she has to be getting pretty close. Before she's discharged, they'll want me and Josh (or maybe just me) to "room in" with Willow for a couple days too, so we can get used to her night rituals and feedings. So when that happens I'll obviously have to be down here for that. Now that I'm pretty much done with work, the pressure's on for Willow to get out soon, because my maternity leave is counting down. I've got a little over 8 weeks left right now. Go, Willow!
She's taken a whole bottle a couple times now, and tonight she took 16 mLs from the breast! That was the first time she took any measurable amount that way, so I was very happy. I'm thinking the switch in her brain is starting to click on. She's just got to figure it out soon!
I had a doctor's appointment with a specialist today. We're trying to figure out why I got preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome when I was pregnant with Willow, which led to her very premature birth. I won't go into details but it sounds like it might have just been a fluke, at least that's what the doctor thinks. I don't have any risk factors for those things. So I guess the good news is that we might be able to have another kid someday. Not that we're thinking about that much right now though. We have to get Willow home first!
Poor Josh is back at home now, grinding out the hours at work, like I have been the last several weeks. I feel for him because it is definitely a grind, and it sucks being away from Willow. At least he doesn't have to spend 4 hours a day pumping. I was talking to Ellen's mom Lauren last week about pumping; no one but another NICU Mom can really understand how pumping takes over your life. Here's me last week performing my after-work ritual of transferring the day's milk to baggies.

Our chest freezer is now full.

Here's another pic from the home front. This plant only sends up a flower about every 4-5 years and one is shooting up right now. I think it's because Willow is coming home soon.

And finally, here are some Willow pics from today.


Jill S said...

It all sounds as though Wilow's getting ready for a move soon. It will be great to be home but hard work too. Perhaps you should point out to your work place that other places are more generous with leave. Local public servants can now take 18 weeks.
"The scheme will enable the ACT Government to provide an additional four weeks paid maternity leave for qualifying ACT public service employees on top of the current 14 weeks paid leave.

As part of the initiative, the Government will also double its paid paternity leave, providing two weeks of bonding leave.

"I anticipate that more women will be attracted to work in the ACT public service because of our flexible work arrangements and family friendly conditions.

The scheme will take effect on 1 July 2009.

In addition to the new 18 weeks paid maternity leave, women in the ACT public service can access up to three years of unpaid leave following the birth of their child and work part-time for up to three years after maternity leave."

I think I'm a bit old to take advantage of this!

Hope the nursing continues to go well so you can take a break from expressing sometime soon.

Love the photos
All the best
Jill & Roger

Lisa D. said...

Dear Lindsay, Josh, and Willow,

First of all....rock-on Aunt Jill from "down under!" It would be nice if here in the states we could also treat new moms (especially those with extenuating circumstances such as Willow's) with similar programs that women from Australia and Europe have. It irks me that we are so far behind. The good old U.S.A. should learn more than a few lessons regarding the true meaning of "Holiday" (6+ weeks/yr vs. 2) and maternity leave from our neighbors around the globe!!!!

O.k., enough of my rantings, now to the really important stuff. Good gosh Linds, no wonder you look so thin!! THat is an impressive amount of "calories burned" that you have stored in your freezer! I am glad that you are getting ever closer to bringing little Willow home. She looks so awesome in the photos....quite squeezable now by the looks of things! We are so excited to meet her and will look forward to a get together with all of you during our annual trip in August. Thanks again for all the great postings and the photos. Also glad to hear you have been meeting with a specialist and getting "armed" with all the information you can; that's a good thing!

Josh, just realized I was rattling on as if only talking to Lindsay. Hope work is going well and that you can get to Marquette ASAP! Let me also add that I am sure I am not alone when I say you have really done an awesome job with all this shuffling and taking care of Willow too! Willow is so lucky to have a great mom and dad like the two of you! Congrats on how well you have handled all the challenges of these past few months. You have had a strong support group; Grandmas and Grandpas get special mention here, as well as friends and other family memebers.

So, in bringing my "book" to a close, I want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day Lindsay. Enjoy your weekend and your upcoming maternity leave.

Love and hugs,
The entire Dee Clan

h.a.r said...

In the last pic of Willow, looks like she's leaving Mommy a "present" :)

Ruth said...


thetimms said...

You have a chest freezer full of White Gold! That is what I referred to it as when I was pumping. Good job, I know how hard it can be to keep to the schedule.