Sunday, May 17, 2009

Willow's on the Website

Hi everyone,

It was a good Sunday. Willow's blood pressure has come down a bit and she's still acting perfectly healthy. She nippled at 11 PM last night, 5 AM, 8 AM and 2 PM today, taking over half her bottle each time (I can't remember the exact amounts she took but it was a good effort each time). She's getting there, slowly but surely. I'm heading back over for her 8 PM feeding pretty soon to try again. Josh left a couple hours ago, taking back the two newest milk bins as usual.

When Willow was born, we didn't put her on the "baby page" on the MGHS website. I don't really know why; I guess we had other things on our minds. Yesterday one of the nurses asked if we want to now and we were like, "heck yeah!" Of course, Willow's already an Internet celebrity, but she deserves to be on there like any other baby, if for no other reason, to show the parents of that other Willow (born in March) that Willow Hope is the original and they're copycats! :) You can check out her listing here. I wish she could've had her picture on the Aspirus Keweenaw website instead, but oh well.

That's about all the news for today; here are some more photos:

If you're persistent, you can get a preemie to eat even while seemingly asleep!

Catching flies with Daddy after a tiring feeding


Jill S said...

Just catching up on a few posts. You're working hard and if I'm not careful I'll find that Willow is already home.
Don't worry about people getting he and she mixed up. I took our three to the post office when they were young. The postmistress looked at Tom, the youngest after Michelle and Jenny and said: You must have been thrilled to have a girl after two boys! You wouldn't think she could have got three wrong.
Those lovely photos look as if Willow is ready to get home so I hope this happens soon.
Love to all
Jill S

Lois Bell said...

Linds and Josh. Hang in. She's getting there. G'ma

Chris and Alyssa said...

Almost home! The days are nearing....your hospital journey is almost finished. We are praying for her to go home soon so that your whole family is together soon under the same roof. How exciting that day will be.

All the very best-