Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Willow Sucks!

Hi everyone,

Willow had another suck-tastic day today. I nursed her twice again, and she took 50 mLs the first time and 55 the second time! She actually ate more than she was "supposed" to that second time. She was so cute, when I went in she was wide awake and hungry! She was rooting around, grunting and sucking on her fist. She even perservered through a couple burp breaks. After she got post-weighed we celebrated her 55-gram weight gain by reading her favorite book, "Are You My Mother?". She was still awake when I had to leave to go pump.
I met with Willow's doctor today. It didn't go that well. I'm not going to trash talk, but let's just say I think she's a little overworked and hasn't had time to think about Willow much with all the other babies that have been admitted. She mentioned how Willow has done so awesome and much better than was expected when she was born. I know that, and I am eternally grateful to her and the rest of the staff for taking such great care of Willow. That's all I'm going to say about that in this public forum.
Willow had her follow-up eye exam this morning and passed once again. She doesn't have to have another one until she's a year old.
Somehow I forgot to take any photos today. Sorry about that! She looked funny today too. She's pretty much outgrown all of her preemie clothes and she was wearing a too-small set of jammies. I'll be sure to take some pics tomorrow.


Burdick Boys said...

I sent you an e-mail on your Aspirus account because I had a few comments I didnt want for public forum. I didnt know if you are checking the e-mail now or not so I thought I would leave this message here. Willow looks fantastic. I was just thinking today she may be growing out of her premie cloths now. I always had mixed feelings when the kids grew out of the cloths. On the one hand, they are supposed to grow and that is great, on the other I miss the cute cloths and want to keep them small!

Jill S said...

Well done Willow! Keep sucking. I hope you get to ride in that car seat very soon. I'm very impressed with your first craft masterpiece. That flower pot is very special.
All the best
(Catching up on two posts at once).

jannahope said...

Way to go Willow - keep it up!!!