Saturday, May 23, 2009

Willow's the boss

Hey all,

Josh back here blogging for the first time in a while. Well, I was hoping to be writing this from the comfort of our own home by now, but Willow decided she wasn't ready to leave yet. Everything was nicely on track up until Lindsay roomed in on Thursday night. That night Willow started having bradys, heart rate drops, with her feedings. She had one or two with every feeding up until I got here yesterday around 4 PM. Willow's doctor thinks it's related to how fast she was progressing the last week or so. She thinks Willow is just getting tired out with all the feedings. So they put her on structured feedings every 3 hours hoping that would turn things around. So far it's been hit and miss. I've had a couple feedings with out a brady, and I've had a couple of feedings with a brady. She also is only supposed to eat for 20-30 minutes, and for one of the feedings she didn't take everything, so the NG feeding tube had to go back in.

Mom and Willow reading Goodnight Moon

Willow isn't acting really any differently. She's still nice and spunky and seems to be happy and comfortable, so I guess were just waiting it out right now and hoping that she gets the feedings down good again soon.

We're still rooming in. Last night we got a hospitality room and took shifts here with Willow. The hospitality rooms are right here in the hospital, so it makes it very convenient when you need to come down at 4 AM.

Check out Willow's pointy chin. She got it from her mom.

I guess I'm not exactly sure what the time table is anymore. I'm not even sure if we'll keep rooming in if she isn't taking all her feedings, but I'm really hoping we won't be here for too much longer.

Yesterday was Willow's original due date. Although, another doctor told us it was the 29th. So sometime this next week Willow would have been born. However, we all know Willow does what she wants, and I have a feeling Lindsay and I are going to have our hands full.

Hope you all have a fun filled Memorial Day Weekend. Maybe we'll still get outa here and be able to enjoy it ourselves.

See ya,



Lisa D. said...

Lindsay, Josh, and Willow,
We are sorry things didn't go exactly as planned but is better to make sure she is good to go b/4 you head home. It would be more of a bummer to have to turn right around and come back to MQ once you do get her settled at home. The good news is she is on the home stretch and will be home soon. We are sending positive thoughts and prayers that Willow's "light bulb" comes back on and the feedings go smoothly. Take care and we love you!

Lisa, Scott, Nicholas and Ellen

Lois Bell said...

So we have a glitch in the time table. Darn! Give her a little more time and it will straighten out, I'm sure. We are pulling for you to get home soon. Love, G'ma and G'pa Lois and Zip