Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 1/2 pounds.

Hey everyone,

We're both now back in Houghton. Lindsay decided to come back for the rest of the week and do a little work. We felt that it was the best option right now. Willow is really going to need Lindsay when she gets out of the NICU. Any time Lindsay can get in at work is extra time to spend with Willow at home. Plus it will help her from having a huge back log of work to catch up on after her leave is up.

Willow is starting to improve with her weight and feedings. Today she hit 6 lbs. 8 oz. She'd been stuck at 6 lbs. 4 oz. for a while. It was probably due to how hard she was working at nippleing. Now that she's had a little break she's starting to put on some weight again. This afternoon she did really well on her feeding. She took the entire bottle in 20 minutes and didn't have any heart rate drops. Her nurse said it was a perfect feeding. We were really hoping for some good news. It's helped lift our spirits. They are nippleing her once per shift (3 times per day) right now. As she continues to improve they will increase the frequency.

The very good news of the day is that little Ellen got discharged today. I got a text from Nate and he said so far so good. We're already looking forward to reuniting the two little NICU girls.

The weather up here was fairly brisk today. It just got back from a walk with Scout and it was about 45 degrees with a light mist in the air. It was actually enjoyable. Spring is finally starting to show itself. All the apple trees are just about to peek in color. Now all we need is Willow at home and life will be good.

See ya later,


We've got the room almost all set. Just add Willow

We got this painting when on vacation in the Dominican Republic. We got it before Lindsay was even pregnant, but knowing that it would look perfect in a nursery.

This video gets good at about 35 seconds so be patient. You've got to watch out for those wandering hands. Poor Willow, laughing at her expense.


Chris and Alyssa said...

Cute nursery! And love the painting:-)


Nate said...

Hi guys! Glad to hear Willow is going in the right direction again. Since we've been home we've established that Ellen is a great sleeper....during the day. For some reason the song "Up all night sleep all day" comes to my mind all the time. We'll work on the schedule when we get back to Eau Claire. Miss you guys. We'll keep tabs on Willow via the blog!! Talk soon,
Lauren, Nate, Audrey and Ellen