Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Willow!


Sorry for no post last night. I wrote a huge long one and then the Internet connection crapped out on me and it was lost. Actually, I'm glad it did because I was extremely ornery yesterday due to a plugged milk duct (OW) and a car seat fiasco that I won't bore you with, and it was a very negative post. I'm in a much better mood today. Willow is on a roll!! As of right now, 2:45 PM, she hasn't been gavaged at all since 11 PM last night! That's right - she's taken 5 feedings in a row, the entire feeding, entirely by bottle or breast. Woo hoo! Willow's nurse today said it looks like maybe her "lightbulb is turning on". Then she was saying something about maybe rooming in this weekend. God, I hope she's not teasing me. But if it doesn't work out that way, I will not get depressed or upset. I will roll with it.

It's Willow's 3-month birthday today and I made a little sign to celebrate the occasion:

I told her she was acting like such a big girl today with all her awesome sucking, and that gavage feedings are for babies, not big 3-month old girls. :)

The last two days, Willow has been out of her private room. They needed it for another baby whose mom is rooming in right now. The good news is, she's in a little nook with her buddy Ellen! The nurses say the two girls chat back and forth with their grunts. They're so cute; Lauren (Ellen's mom) and I decided they look alike. They have so much in common. They're about the same size, and Ellen is just two days younger (gestationally) than Willow. They were born early for the same reason too - HELLP syndrome.

My parents and Josh are on their way down right now to attend our infant CPR class tonight.

That's all for today. Everyone please cheer Willow on so she can become the little sucking champ she needs to be. The end is so close I can taste it!

OK, the Beacon House Internet connection has been even worse than usual lately, and it will not let me upload photos. Sorry! Maybe I'll have to bring the computer over to the hospital tomorrow or something.


June Schmidgall said...

WOW GOOD NEWS! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WILLOW Glad to hear all the good news and that Willow is doing so GOOD. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. Hang in there, we've all had those kind of days. You've both done so well in handeling all this and you got such a beautiful little girl. Keep the post coming. June

jill said...

WOO! HOO! x 10! Yeah! Willow! Keep chugging the chow down.

... and happy three month birthday sweet, adorable, wonderful, darling girl! I love you beyond measure.

auntie jill

Chad Fluegge said...

It is so good to hear the good news!!!!
Keep it up Willow!!!
It was so good to see you today Lindsey.
Hang in there it is getting very close!!
I think this is when it get's hard just waiting. You have done so good through it all. You have been there longer then we were. I can't wait to see you all at home. We will keep praying for all of you!!!!!
Chad, Jessica & Lil'Sam