Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 Month and 5 days old

Howdy everyone,

Hope today was good for all of you out there reading the blog. It was a good day for Willow. Today her weight was 2 lbs. 12 oz., so she only lost 2.5oz from yesterday, which is less than I thought she was going to lose. Hopefully she can keep the extra ounces on and break the 3 lb. barrier before to long.

Today they were able to figure out exactly where the infection came and what it is, so now they will be able to really go after it. The infection ended up coming from her pic line, which is a central line that delivers all her IV nutrition and fluids. Unfortunitly this is something that often happens with these pic lines. After they pinpointed it they took out the pic line and they will put in a new one as soon as the infection clears up in her bloodstream. Hopefully that will be tomorrow or the next day. Willow's Dr. decided not to start feedings today, but hopefully they can resume tomorrow. Still no difinitive news on the culture test on Willow's spinal fluid, but they are feeling good that it will come back negitive, which will be very good news.

I just went and saw Willow again and she was in her favorite position, butt up in the air. I snapped a few pics. Quality isn't great, but she just looked so comfy. The thing drapped over Willow's neck and head is her "frog". It's a positioning tool filled with beads that they use to get into the postion that is the best. In this instance it makes her feel as though she's still in the fetal position inside the womb and that makes her more comfortable. Willow's Dr. was very happy with how she was acting today, and said she could already tell that the antibiotics are working and she looked much improved since Saturday. Hopefully she's around the bend and has the worst behind her and in a few more days I'll be holding her again.

The weather in Marquette was pretty dreary today. Cloudy and cold and it's going to rain tonight. I am sooooo ready for spring. I just want sun and warmth and to get Willow home and healthy. If that seems like to much to ask for I'll just take Willow coming home healthy. I'll talk to you all again tomorrow.

Take care,


This last photo isn't really relitive to Willow's stay in the NICU. It was taking at Lindsay's 30th birthday/Obama victory party last November. I just think Linds looks really good in the pic, and I love the Obama cake that Emily made for her. Hope you enjoy it as well.


Amy said...

Emily is quite the artist!! That cake is AWESOME. Haha - love it.

Stacey said...

Willow looks so sweet in those pictures...continuing to follow your journey and wishing Willow strength each and every day.

Cameron said...


The most recent post inspired me to draw a key element to spring.

Glad to hear lit'Willow is doin' a bit better. Her pictures are super cute (kinda think she gets it from her Mom a bit). Thanks for the update Josh, keep them coming! And here's to seeing that sun sometime soon.

-Liz & Cam

Ash said...

Hello Lindsay and Josh,
Willow looks so comfy and content in her pictures. She is such a strong little girl, and is lucky to have such great parents!! Hope all is well and take care,
Ash and Brooksie