Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 weeks, 6 days

Hi everyone,
We haven't posted a photo in a while, and I did take some last night, so I figured I'd do a quick post this morning and put up a photo.
Willow continues to do well this morning. Yesterday they thought her heart murmur seemed louder and they were a little concerned that her PDA (the hole in her heart she was born with that went away) was back. So they did a chest ultrasound, called an "echo". The results came back this morning and it looked normal. No PDA. So that is a relief. Her gut x-rays are looking better, although her chest x-rays are still showing a lot of gunk, or whatever you want to call it. She definitely has pneumonia. But I think they're expecting it to go away with the antibiotics she is on. She's 2 pounds, 5 ounces today and is still off the bili lights. I forgot to ask about sedatives-whether she has gotten any lately. I really should start bringing a notebook or something in the NICU with me so I can remember what questions to ask and also the answers to the questions. Last night I read Willow her favorite book: "Are You My Mother?". Those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time might remember that I was reading her that book the first time I felt her kick. I think she still likes it. She seemed happy to hear it, and I held her hand for a while.
As long as the weather in Houghton settles down as it's supposed to, I'm heading home this afternoon. I'll be working tomorrow and Friday. The working remotely set-up isn't going to work out after all, and so I've arranged with my employer to actually come to work 2 days a week instead. Normally I think it'll be Wednesdays and Thursdays. It'll be hard to be away from Willow for two days a week, but I have to remember that the more I can work now, the more time off I will have left when she comes home, and she'll need me more then than she needs me now. My mom is coming down tomorrow to hang out with Willow, and then Josh and I will both come back Friday after work.
Here's a photo of Willow from last night. Doesn't she look good without the CPAP on her face, and no shades or CPAP hat? The nurses say they can tell she looks bigger already.


Katie said...

Wow! Willow looks great! It was fun to see a photo again! We check daily to see how everyone is doing and are so happy that there is an abundance of good news most days. Although the "downs" are hard to take, it seems like Willow Wondergirl is so full of strength and courage for such a little girl! We got your note yesterday, Lindsay, and I shared it with my students. They are so thrilled that they heard back from you and that Willow is doing so well. They ask about Josh, Lindsay, and Willow every morning, wondering if we have heard anything new. Today, the 4th grade is in charge of prayers for chapel...the number one person they want to pray for is Willow! There truly are so many people pulling for all of you and lifting you up in prayer! I love that you are reading to Willow! What a great mom! Take care and best wishes over the next few days as you are away from your precious joy.
Katie, Mike, and the Gethsemane 4th grade class =)

Amy said...

She looks so good! Yay!!!

lindak said...

Hi Lindsay,
Willow is looking great! She is still in our thoughts and prayers at AKH. Best wishes!

Emily and Andy Houston said...

Hi guys! Andy and I read your blog a lot are so happy that things are going well! Glad you're feeling good too. Take care!
Emily & Andy

greatauntie said...

How great to see her without her glasses! I too am looking at the blog several times a day. everyone stops by to look at the newest photo so keep them coming. I really like the book that you are reading to her, great choice! I'm glad its her favorite, cant wait to read it to her myself, maybae this summer. take care of yourself had hi to Josh, Gma and Gpa

katy said...

she looks awesome - here's to a speedy recovery from the pneumonia!! If Norm could type he'd share stories - he's on his third round of it, goofy dog.

Haven't gotten a chance to make Willow's present yet, but she'll get it someday! It might be when she's 5, but she WILL get it.

Chris and Alyssa said...

What a beautiful picture! She looks so precious and serene.

Take care-