Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 weeks and 2 days


Josh back for the day. Well Willow had another good day today. She is upto 2 lbs 14 oz. and is no longer the smallest baby in the NICU. Another baby came in yesterday that was born at 31 weeks and weighed 2lbs 13 oz. So Willow has a partner in age and size. This morning Lindsay and I went to see our little girl and right when we got there they were about to extubate her. It was a very quick and easy and she did very well right away on the CPAP. We were able to snap a quick picture with her wearing one of Great Aunt Jill's hats before they put the CPAP on her. It's probably the only time I've seen her without any tubes on her face. Quite a cute sight. After that it was Doctor's orders not to hang out around the NICU all day. I don't think Dr. Frei was too serious, but I think she's worried we aren't spending enough time on ourselves. So we went back to the Beacon House and got some stuff done before mom and Janna showed up.

They arrived around 5 PM, and after getting settled into their room we went over to the hospital. Lindsay and my mom went in to see Willow and my mom got to hold her for almost 2 hours. Willow did very well the whole time, spending most of the time sleeping. I guess grandma has the soothing touch. I feel so bad for Janna, because they are very strict about only parents and grandparents in the NICU. I wish they would bend the rules for her, but I also understand why they don't. If they did they would have to do it for everyone, and that would just introduce that much more bacteria and noise to the NICU. It still is a bummer for her after traveling all this way. We just have to think of all the auntie time she'll have once Willow gets outta here. Tonight we went out for a nice dinner and opened some gifts that came up with mom and Janna. Thanks to everyone for thinking of us, and sending stuff along with them. It's just so nice to know everyone out there is rooting for little Willow and keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. It really seems to make it easier on me knowing this. Chuck and Judy are coming down for the day tomorrow, so it'll be a big grandparent fest around here. Lindsay and I are both heading back to Houghton tomorrow evening. I'll be coming back on Tuesday and Lindsay on Friday. Lots of traveling, but it's so worth it. Til next time.



Cameron said...


Willow's as strong as a tree, especially one that has deep family roots.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
E-Beth & Cam

Chris and Alyssa said...

So precious and beautiful!

Katie Matzke said...

Linds, Josh, and Willow,
Wow, we've been out-of-town for awhile and I just now got to catch up on the last week! Looks likes you've had many ups and downs, but through it all, Willow has shown her fighting spirit!! She is so adorable! She really is filling out, and I loved it when I got to see Linds holding her and how she was looking up at her mommy! So precious! Also, I loved how she was going to town on that paci! Way to go on all that pumping, Linds. You are really doing a great job, and that milk will surely help Willow grow and develop! I am rooting for red hair, but maybe I am biased! ;) Benjamin would love to have a fellow red headed cousin, or whatever they are to each other.... ;) Anyway, we keep praying for you guys and love the updates and pictures. Steady on, Willow!
Love ya,
Katie and Jon