Monday, March 16, 2009

3 weeks, 4 days

Hi everyone,

Little Willow here. I've had an eventful couple of days with Mom and Dad. I'm feeling a lot better and the nurses all say I'm really feisty. Yesterday morning, Dad changed my diaper. I thought he did a really good job, even though he said it was the first diaper he's changed...ever. Later that afternoon, I decided I was getting really sick of that ET (endotrachial) tube that's been sticking out of my mouth. So I waited until my nurse Jen stepped away for dinner, then I got really squiggly and flipped my head around until the tube got dislodged! Nurses came running to my rescue, and I achieved my goal of getting rid of that tube. Instead of re-"intubating" me, they put the CPAP back on me-yay! Now that my mouth is free, it's much easier for me to suck on my little pacifier, which I love.
Today I got to kangaroo with both Dad and Mom! Dad was first, and I really liked laying on him. I calmed right down and fell asleep for a whole hour. When it was Mom's turn, I was a little squigglier, and my eyes were open-I was wide awake. I wasn't too happy though, and my O2 sats were a little on the low side the whole time. Mom didn't take it personally though.
Dr. Grandy says today is my last day of antibiotics, and I might get to start my feedings again soon. I weigh 2 pounds and 5 ounces today. My lungs are feeling a lot better, and I don't have as many loogies these days.
Dr. Frei is coming back tonight, and I'm excited to see her - at least she knows I'm a girl!
Mom and Dad said they'd post some cute pics and video when they get home tomorrow.
Love, Willow


Robin and Bill said...

Hi there little Willow,
Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to post your own updates!
Can't wait to meet you; so listen to the doctors and nurses and get big and strong so you can come home. I look for these updates on you every day! Can't wait for new pictures!!
Love, Robin

Lisa D. said...

Willow, Linds, and Josh,
Glad to hear things are going well for everyone. Can't wait for the photos, we LOVE the updates....keep them coming!

Lisa, Scott, Nicholas, Ellen

P.S. Abby sends a big hello to Scout!

June Schmidgall said...

Way to FIGHT Willow. We are praying for you. Keep up the good work. Josh and Lindsay glad to hear you got to kangaro Willow today. Thanks for the updates, keep them coming. Can't wait to see the new pictures. Love June and Dave and family

Andrea said...

I laughed out loud when you referenced Dr. Grandy not knowing Willow's sex. He did that CONSTANTLY with us! He would call our babies "Miss A" and "Mr. B" which is wrong, wrong, wrong! And even after we had been there months, he never used their names. What a crazy guy! I'm so glad to read that Willow is doing better :) Enjoy the cuddling!

Cameron said...

May the LUCK of the Irish be with Willow!

-Cam & Liz

Lois Bell said...

Hi Willow. I can't believe you are writing your own blog. Your personality is coming thru and you sound so GOOD!!! Here in MN we wait every day for the good news of your progress. Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Gt-g'ma Lois and G'pa too

Lois Bell said...

Way to go Willow. So glad you took that ventilator out. Your personality is coming thru the computer. We love you . G'ma and

Chris and Alyssa said...

Such a cute post! We are glad that little Willow is able to type right out of the womb:) You really are a miracle baby! Keep up the hard work- growing and getting big so that you can go home soon!

All the best,

Katie Matzke said...

Wow, Willow already reminds me of Lindsay! ;) Glad you are over the pneumonia and are feeling better! Keep up the good growing!
Love and prayers,