Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 steps forward, 1 step back


This seems to be the motto in the NICU. From the very beginning Willow's Drs. told us to expect to move forward and then come back a little. Today Willow took a small step back. Last night she started working a little to hard to breath on her cannula, so they put her back on the CPAP. They also did an x-ray and it looked like there was fluid in her lungs. That was probably what was making her breathing more strained. So this afternoon they gave her some Lasex, which will help her get rid of that extra fluid.

Despite all this she still had a good day. Her O2 was at 21% all day, and the CPAP was set at +5 which isn't all that high. She also tolerated all her feedings. They stayed the same today, at 10 mls., which is standard if they make a breathing change.
She gained 25 grams today, so she's now 3 lbs. 1.4oz. We're still moving in the right direction. When I went to see Willow tonight she was doing good. I got to kangaroo her for over 2 hours. She did well for most of the time. At one point she got too hot, so we shed a blanket. Towards the end a new baby came in from a C-section and was crying up a storm. Willow hates it when other baby's are crying. I guess she just likes it nice and quite in general. So we put her back in her isolette, where there is less noise, and then she settled down. She was even looking all around. Speaking of looking around, Willow will have her first eye exam at some point this week. We are hoping that everything is looking great. It's a fairly quick and painless procedure, but a little stressful as they shine a light in her eye. My mom and Janna took off this afternoon at around noon. They've already called and made it home fine. Thanks again to them for coming up to keep Willow and I company. Willow did very good while grandma was here, so I guess she has to come up again soon. The weather is still garbage up here. Spring can come anytime now. Hope you are all well.

See ya,



lindak said...

Hi Lindsay, Josh and Willow,
Just a note to say we were reading your blog at work today and couldn't help but notice how Willow has gained weight. She is looking beautiful as usual. I am so happy how far she has come in such a short time. I'm glad the doctor warned you of some of the rough days so you aren't surprised when things happen that are out of everyone's control. That's when God holds her little hand and helps her through the tough times.
Best of luck with the eye exam and the terrible weather you have to deal with. Your in our prayers.
Love, LindaK

Andrea said...

Going back on CPAP's not so bad... Willow looks great in the pics. It's amazing how not skinny she is now! Hang in there. You guys are doing great!

Cameron said...


Willow is looking for a bit more TIME to get big & wanted some attention now that she's not the smallest in the NICU. Glad to hear she's still making steps forward; small steps add up to make lots of progress.

-Cam & Liz