Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ups and downs of the NICU

Hey all,

Well it's just amazing how quickly things can change in the NICU. Yesterday afternoon we got a call from Willow's nurse saying that she was having more "spells" than usual. By "spells" she is talking about apnea's (times when Willow forgets to breath), and brady's (heartrate drops). It is normal for her to have a couple of these here and there, but she was having them more frequently, which tends to indicate she is getting sick. So last night they ended up putting her back on the ventilator, which will keep her from having these spells. They also gave her some seditive to make her more calm. They then once again started antibiotics to try to head the illness off at the pass.
This morning then they ran some blood tests to determine what is wrong, and it can back that she has an infection in her blood stream. This can be treated with the antibiotics that she is on. They also drew some spinal fluid to test to make sure the infection hasn't spread into there. The preliminary tests were good, but they won't know until tomarrow or the next day on that for sure. It's been a long day of sitting around waiting for news. Unfortunatly I'm still sick, and Lindsay was also feeling ill, so neither one of us could go see her today. Luckily Chuck and Judy were coming down today, so they were able to go in and fill us in with how she was looking. We can also call the NICU at any time and talk to her nurse and get updates.
Chuck and Judy both said she was looking good. They said she looked very peaceful sleeping away in her isolette, which is what she needs right now. Willow's Dr. and nurses didn't seem all that worried. They basically said she's being a premie, and these things happen. They are even hoping that they can resume feedings, which have been suspended, before too long. They've run a couple of chest x-rays, and those are already showing improvement, so we are very hopeful for a quick recovery.
Sorry this post isn't as upbeat as we would like or want, but if everyone out there reading this sends Willow positive thoughts and prayers she'll pull through in no time. That little girl is a fighter I tell you, and she's going to be ok. Thanks to everyone for there words of encouragement.



Lois Bell said...

Yes, Willow has dozens of thoughts and prayers coming from this direction. Wish we could do more. In spite of the NICU ups and downs, she is doing pretty darn good. Take care of each other and being a G'ma I have to remind you to drive safely as you go back and forth as G'mas love to worry about folks on the road. Ha. LOve, G'ma

Chris and Alyssa said...

Jenson family....

You are all in our thoughts. Be strong little Willow and fight hard to ward of any of those vicious bugs. We continue to pray for you that you can have more "up" days than "down" days. You have shown your strong will and with your parents love, determination, and faith you will be home soon!

All the best,

Christine Hodges said...

We keep you three and families in our prayers, Josh and Lindsay. It sounds like Willow is getting the best care possible and is growing and making progress every week even with these challenges that she faces. She's a lucky little girl to have so many great people with and FOR her. Keep on keepin' on!
Chris H.

June Schmidgall said...

Josh, Lindsay, & Willow we are praying for you all and our thoughts are with you. You are a fighter and you will get through this with all those that are family and friends praying for you and cheering for you. Keep fighting.And thanks for the updates and the pictures I sure enjoy this site. June

Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear you are both sick! Bummer. Willow's going to pull through this like a champ. She's one strong lady, just like her mama (& you too, Josh, minus the lady part) :) We continue to think of all 3 of you every day here. Thankfully Willow has had many more good days than not-so-good, and I'm sure that will continue to be the case as she gets stronger. You guys have been through so much & your positive attitude, grace & strength continue to overcome! Take care of yourselves... Mark & Amy

Sharon Elise said...

Wishing all 3 of you a quick recovery!! Glad Chuck & Judy could see her. And glad that Josh is slow now to take time while Linds gets to plug some hours in. Ha-like the chest freezer. Take care & get some zzz's all of you...-S

Candis Berge said...

We just want you to know that our Sunday evening Bible study group is praying for Willow, as well as Josh and Lindsay. We keep checking in to see how she's doing. Regards from Fergus Falls.

Candis Berge (Aunt Tracey's friend)

Jill S said...

Lindsay, Josh and Willow

We're thinking of you all. Hope that spring will banish all the bugs and the the sun will shine on you.

Lots of love
Jill & Roger

Jill S said...

Lindsay, Josh and Willow

We're thinking of you all. Hope that spring will banish all the bugs and the the sun will shine on you.

Lots of love
Jill & Roger

Andrea said...

Yuck. What a ride. Hang in there! You guys can all do it :)

Tracey and Dave said...

Sounds like things are slowing improving and thats great to hear. The bumps in the road are hard but it makes the good days that much better and there will be more good days. We are all praying for your little girl and for you 2 to get over your crud so you can get back in there with her. Take care driving back and forth b/c Great Gma B does like to worry! Loave Tracey and Dave

Cameron said...


So it goes, the roller coaster of life. Willow has had a steep hill to climb early, but it will make the downhill that much easier. Stick in there Jensons!
-E & C