Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Weeks Old!!


It's hard to believe that Willow is already 5 weeks old. The time has gone fast and slow all at once. When she's doing well time seems to fly by, but when she's sick it almost seems like time comes to a standstill. But here we are at 5 weeks and she's doing good! This morning when I went in to see Willow she had graduated to "premie" diapers. I didn't even realize it, but this whole time she'd been in "micro premie" diapers. The new ones are a little big for her, but she was wetting through the old ones, so it was time to move on. This morning she was doing very good, resting and rarely desating. They decided this morning to increase her feedings. She is now getting 3 ml every 3 hours. At 1 AM they will increase it to 4 ml and then keep increasing it 1 ml every 12 hrs as long as she tolerates it.

The blood cultures can back negitive this afternoon, so at around 4:30pm they put in her new picc line. It went with out too much incident. I guess the first try didn't end up where they wanted, so they did it again and the second time went in great. She tolerated the whole thing very well. Now she'll be able to get all her baby gatorade again. The special treat for the day was when I went to see her after the procedure I got to Kangaroo her. It was so special because I wasn't expecting it at all. They wanted to put her in a new, clean isolette, so they swapped them out while I held her. She did very well while I was holding her. Because she still has in her vent tube she wasn't letting out any grunts of happiness, but I think she would have been. Her settings on the ventilator are getting lower and lower, so hopefully in the next day or two they'll put her back on the CPAP. Lindsay will be back down tomorrow, and Grandma Jean and Auntie Janna are coming on Saturday, so we'll have a good group down here this weekend. Sorry for the extra late post tonight, it was one of those nights where time flew by. Until tomorrow.

See ya,



jill said...

I love today's good news. I'm just smiling, smiling, and smiling.
Hugs and kisses,
Aunite jill

Cameron said...


Hi FIVE Willow! Its amazing how you've grown in the last five weeks. We love to see all the progress. Keep up the growing!

-Cam & Liz

Laura said...

Hi Josh & Lindsay,

Paul & I just want to let you know that our thoughts are prayers are with you. We are glad to hear little Willow is doing so well. She is a strong girl! We look forward to the posts and pics. She's a cutie!

Laura Welder & Paul Winge

Jody and Don said...

Hi Lindsay and Josh, hopefully this works, I've had trouble getting my comments to go through. Little Willow is adorable and IF she has red hair, all the better! Glad to see she is doing so well, everyday seems to bring new progress.
Thinking of you all,
Jody and Don

Gary Rigelman said...

Hi Josh and Lindsay....Willow looks wonderful....Glad she is making such good progress...Enjoy Janna and Jean's visit...Jackie and Gary

Lois Bell said...

Josh, Linds, and Willow. Josh, you have been a real "super dad" this week. The latest pics are adorable. Thanks for the blogs--we check for them often. Have a happy weekend. Much love to all. G'ma and G'pa B.

David and Jeanne said...

Lots of good thoughts and prayers for all of you. We are enjoying reading about Willow and watching her grow more beautiful every day!

Katie said...

Wow, Willow looks great. i can see she's gaining weight. I am so happy for every one.