Friday, March 6, 2009

Mom Got to Kangaroo Again!

Hey everyone. Josh back for another fun blogging session. I was back in Houghton until this morning, and it's great to be back in MQT and be with my girls. I was able to get 40 hours of work in this week, so that will help. My employer has been very good about working around me being down here with Lindsay and Willow. It is very nice working for someone that understands the importance of family. Anyways enough about me.

Willow continues to do well. They have been constantly upping her feedings, and she is now up to 11 ml every 3 hours. They figure once she hits 18 ml they can stop giving her the baby gatorade and she will just get the breast milk. She is still getting all the breast milk from a feeding tube that goes in through her mouth. Eventually, at 32 weeks or so, they will start feeding her with a bottle. And even then she probably won't eat very much that way at first and they will continue to feed her the rest through her tube. She is still on her CPAP breathing helper, but they have for the most part been able to keep her oxygen level fairly low. When we met with her doctor, Dr. Frei, this morning she didn't have a whole lot new to say, and I take that as a good sign. In fact, tomorrow will be her third day in a row that they aren't running any blood labs on her. Earlier they were running them every day.

The big deal of the day is that Lindsay finally got to kangaroo her little girl again today (see pictures). Lindsay's cold sores were all cleared up and she got the go ahead from Willow's doctor. It was, as expected, a very emotional reunion, and they both seemed to enjoy the experience immensely. Another bonus to kangarooing is that they take off Willow's sunglasses that protect her eyes from the billi lights. She opened then up for a little while and she was looking right at me. I do know that they can't see much yet at this age, but I love seeing those eyes. Tomorrow night will be my turn to hold her and I can't wait.

Lindsay's mom was down here with Lindsay all last week while I was working. She has been such a huge help to us through this whole thing I can't thank her enough. She was constantly running errands for Lindsay and helping her get organized down here. Thanks again Judy. Also thanks to Chuck for driving me down today. Big help indeed.

We got our first family photo taken today by one of the NICU nurses. It's not the best, but it has all three of us in it. The thing I'm holding is Willow's breast milk. You hold it up high and it goes in with gravity. Thanks again for all the wonderful responses and for all the cards, gifts, etc. It's nice to know Willow has so many people pulling for her.

Good night,



Jill S said...

Perhaps I'll be the first to comment on this post. It's the Australian great-aunt Jill this time and before I go any further I must say I'm very impressed by all those beautiful hats from the relatively closer great-aunt Jill.
It's been so good to keep track of Willow's progress. Keep up the great work Lindsay and Josh. It's wonderful to hear all the news and see the photos.
Love to you all
Roger, Jill, Michelle, Jenny and Tom

Amy said...

Oh! I love the family picture, and also the 2nd one of you, Linds, holding Willow! So sweet. Glad to hear things are still going so well with little Willow. She's a little bundle of strength & love.

Love you guys,
Mark & Amy

jill said...

Josh, thanks for the update. I am such an emotional marshmallow --- I teared up when a) I knew you were all together again and b) I saw that Lindsay was able to hold her sweet pea. Have a wonderful weekend together.


Message to Great Aunt Jill in Australia: I am happy to share the "title" with you. Aren't we lucky to have her to love?

ben/kim said...

So great to hear all is going good for all of you-we love getting to hear your updates and pics. We had been out of town, but now are anxious to check out your blog every night to see Willow's progress and see how the two of you are doing also. Keep strong-your such a beautiful family!(Myah keeps asking when she can meet her new friend-hopefully soon!!) Take Care-Love,
Ben, Kim, Myah, and Carter
**Also, if there is anything you need done back here at home or any baby things needed for here to get ready-please let me know-would love to help you in any way we can!!**