Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got to admit she's getting better, getting better all the time!


In the words of the Beatles, Willow is getting better. Today was a day full of good news. First of all her culture from her spinal fluid came back negitive, so there is no infection in there. That made me let out a huge sigh of relief. Willow's chest and gut x-ray was improved today as well. Her gut looked good enough that they decided to resume feedings again. They are starting out small, 2ml every 3 hours. If she tolerates the feedings they will gradually increase the amounts, just like before. Her lung x-ray was looking better as well. She does still have a small amount of bacteria in them, but it will get taken care of with the antibiotics that she is on. They were also able to come down on some of the settings on the ventilator, so hopefully she can be weened off of it in a couple of days. So far the blood draw they did yesterday didn't have any new bacteria growing in her blood stream. If it still doesn't tomorrow then they will put in a new pic line. With the new pic line she'll be able to get her full amount of "baby gatorade". Right now they can't give her as much as they'd like because they are giving it through her IV, and that can't take a ton of fluid through it.

Today Willow was up a half an ounce in weight and is at 2lb. 13 oz. You'll see from the pictures today that she's really starting to fill out. You'll also notice in the pics that her hair is turning either blonde or red. I'm not sure which it will end up being. There are red heads on both sides of the family, and both Lindsay and I were blonde as kids, so we'll have to see. One things for sure is she is no longer in the brunette catagory. She was getting pretty squiggly again today and keeping her nurses busy by moving all over the place. I don't think she's back to her old self 100% yet, but she's getting there. All in all a pretty good day here. Keep the comments coming, I check probably 8 times a day to see if there are any new ones. Thanks to Cameron and Liz for the awsome "text art". Lots of people have told me how much they enjoy it. It must be a nice distraction from writing a disertation.

Til tomorrow,



Lois Bell said...

Josh. Thanks for posting those cute pictures and yes, she does look like she is turning blonde. So glad this was a good day for her. I check the blog often and I see that you and Linds are turning into such experts with the NICU medical jargon. You will be so expert when you take her home. Give Willow a hug (pat) for me. Love, G'ma B.

Robin and Bill said...

What a cutie! I'd talked with Gramma Judy earlier and she'd given me all of the good reports! So nice to hear that Willow continues to get stronger and is really starting to fill out now!! Keep up the good posts and pictures Josh!
Love, Robin and family

Lisa D. said...

Josh, Linds, and Willow,
Wow, she is starting to fill out! I can't believe the change. I'm am so happy about the test results and that today was a day filled with good news! The weekend is almost here and then you will have some family time...enjoy! Thinking of you all.

Lisa,Scott, and kids

Candis Berge said...

That is encouraging news to read. Wonderful. She is changing and filling out, just like you said. Did I mention that she's adorable?

June Schmidgall said...

Josh, Lindsay, & Willow, That is Great news that you all got today our prayers are being answered. She is sure and cutie and filling out. Thanks for all your posts and the pictures and videos. I can't always get these comments to go thru. I don't know what I am doing wrong, so if you don't hear from me often it is because I can't get this to work, but my thoughts and prayers are always with you all. June and family

jill said...

Josh, Hearing that Willow might be a strawberry blond sure me makes me smile. Keep us up-to-date: blond vs redhead.
Her cheeks are almost chubby! Three pounds can only be a few days away. Yipee!
Note to Cameron: Your text art really is wonderfully fun and expressive, it always seems to capture the significance of each of Willow's days. Thanks.
Sending lots of love to J, L, and W.
auntie jill

h.a.r said...

She looks soo great! She'll be home before you know it.

Amy said...

Willow looks so fantastic!! She's really filling out & is getting so much bigger. What great news! The universe is smiling - I love it. I can't wait to hold your little peanut in a few short months. Cheers to all of you... your road to recovery is getting shorter every day.

Brooke said...

I am so glad to hear that things are looking up for Willow. She'll be 3 lbs. any day now. The recent pics and videos you put up are great cause you can see more of her cute little face. Thanks for being so good with the updates. I check all the time and continue to pray for her to get stronger each and everyday. said...

Josh, Lindsey and Willow---thanks so much for providing this blog to allow us to see the little sprout grow!! She really is a feisty one, determined, and will soon look more and more like a plump little dumpling. It's wonderful to be able to support all of you through the blog, despite the distance. Charlie checks the blog frequently as well, and it makes him smile to see his long-time pal now playing the role of Daddy. :)

Always sending our positive thoughts,

Tracy and Charlie

Cameron said...


Girls just wanta have fun, but Liz will admit: BLONDE's DO HAVE MORE FUN, even if they turn out to be S-T-R-A-W-B-E-R-R-Y!!!

Great to hear all is going smoothly down in M-quette. Keep up the photos (we particularly liked the one of her in her crib with a faded out background).

a mildly distracted,
-Cam & Liz

ps. strawberry fields forever.

Cameron said...

ps. Thanks Aunti Jill!

Katie said...

What a blessing that we are hearing good news and that Willow is doing so well! She is beautiful! It is hard to believe that she is already a month and a week old! Where does the time go? She will be heading to school before we know it! Take care and have a nice weekend as a FAMILY!
Mike and Katie