Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things are progressing

Hey everyone,

Sorry I'm not getting this post in until Tuesday morning. I had a very busy day up here yesterday. I checked all but one thing off my list that was 18 tasks deep. It's good that I was able to come home and help out with stuff that Lindsay just simply doesn't have time to do. Last night Lindsay went over to "craft night" with some friends of hers, and they guys came over here and ate meat. My friend Cameron "the comment picture guy" made a really good roast. Earlier in the evening our friend Ben dropped off a chest freezer for us to use, so hopefully we now have enough room for all the milk. Thanks to Ben and Kim for that, and hello to Myah (their 4 year old daughter who looks at the blog).

Willow had a great day under grandma's watch. We got many updates throughout the day. In the morning Jean went in and got the skinny on things. She had a good night and her feedings were up to 9 ml. My mom didn't hold her then, but went back later in the afternoon and they had put her on the nasal cannula. She was doing well with it, so my mom was able to hold her for 2 hours. She said Willow's O2 saturation was good the whole time. So far so good with the cannula. My mom went back again later in the evening to check on Willow. She was being kind of fussy in her isolette, so my mom put her hands in to comfort her. This wasn't really working so my mom asked the nurse when her last diaper change was. The nurse said it wasn't that long ago but she'd take a look. Sure enough Willow had a messy diaper and after it was changed she settled right down. I guess grandma knows best. In the evening they increased her feedings again to 10 ml. I think they are going to increase 1 ml every 12 hours as tolerated until we get up to full feedings. I'm not exactly sure how much a full feeding is right now, but I'll let you know after I ask. I have a dentist checkup this morning, and I'll be heading down right after that. I can't wait to get down and see Willow's beautiful face with nothing but a cannula on it. I'll try to update again later tonight.

See ya,


Here are a couple of pictures to contrast how much Willow has grown. She's up to 3 lbs. 1 oz. today!

Willow 2/19/08 1 lb. 13 oz.

Willow 3/29/08 3 lbs.


Cameron said...


What did Willow's Mama work on at craft night? Something that will keep her warmer and look better than the above!

Lindsay, it was great to see you at craft night. I know how busy you are & how much you have to do, but it was awesome to have you around to laugh with and talk about girl things. The next craft night will be at Jessica's blue house near the Hilltop the day after Easter (2 weeks).

Josh, glad to hear you liked the meat! Cameron had a good time too.

Have fun in M-Quette.
Liz & Cam

June Schmidgall said...

Way to fight Willow, you are getting so big. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. Thanks so much for all the updates, pictures, and video's. Happy Belated 30th Lindsay, you have a beautiful little girl and she is so lucky to have you and Josh as parents. Keep the udates and pictures coming. It was good to see some pictures of your family Josh. I also seen one of Grandpa Charles. Everyone looks like they are really loving little Willow. Have a good rest of the week. Love June and Family

Lisa D. said...

Hey Josh, Lindsay, and Willow,

The kids had another snow day today so we just kind of hung out. Scott was actually home for this blizzard which has been great. The snow weighs about a ton per scoop so thankfully he has taken over the shoveling detail! We are thrilled about Willow's progress and glad to hear Gma stepped in an handled things! That just proves how big Willow is getting....not everything is rocket science with her anymore....instead its just about the basics!!! That is such a good thing!!! We look forward to more pictures and updates. Love to you all from the Dee clan!