Sunday, March 8, 2009

She's a fighter

Hey all,

Well we made it through another day in the NICU. The good news of the day is that Willow is up to 2 lbs 4oz. Another good thing is that they don't think she has an infection in her digestive tract. The bad news is that she may have pneumonia. When Lindsay and I heard this news from Willow's doctor today my heart nearly stopped. However, as I asked more and more questions it sounds as though it isn't a huge deal. Willow's nurse said that almost 100% of the babies in the NICU that are on breathing support will develop pneumonia during their stay. All go on to recover and do just fine. They think they caught it very early and started her on the necessary antibiotics immediately. She'll be on those for probably 10 days and then it should be all cleared up.

Today she was actually doing good. They have her on a mild seditive so she isn't in any discomfort and it allows her body to heal itself. Her oxygen saturations looked very good today and she was only getting 23% oxygen, so that's great news. Unfortunately we can't touch her at all right now. Even her nurses are touching her as little as possible, and just trying to let her rest. She looks very peaceful in her isolette and her belly looks much less bloated now that most of the extra air is out of it. Hopefully tomorrow is another day of rest and recovery, and before we know it she'll be back on feedings and fattening up. We'll keep everyone posted on how she's doing.

See ya,



Amy said...

When I read that sentence my stomach dropped to my toes. Can't imagine what it felt like when you both heard that she might have pneumonia! Thanks for sharing your journey through the ups AND the downs - it can't be easy. I wish this wasn't such a roller coaster for all of you. The good news is that the three of you are such strong & positive spirits - you're going to get through this just fine. Just look how many people are rooting for the Jensons! We're all just a bunch of Willow cheerleaders reading your blog & sending peace (& Spirit Fingers) your way :) Take Care Josh & Linds... Love, Amy & Mark

Katie Matzke said...

Hey, Linds, Josh, and Willow!
So good to see that she keeps growing and growing, and that you got to hold her again. That must be such an great feeling! She is such a sweetie. You guys are awesome parents already. Thanks for the updates. In the words of Chris and Johnny, Steady On, Willow!!!

greatauntie said...

Hey do you think I finally have this figured out? I doubt it, I just don't have any luck with computers just ask Lisa. Wow you have been on quite a ride so far but things are going pretty well and we are glad that those feedings are going well. I just saw a baby this last week that was born at 26 weeks and now 8 months old and is about the biggest baby I've seen! So it will take alittle time but she will be there soon. You 2 are doing a great job! Love T and D