Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 Pounds!


Yep, Willow hit 3 pounds today. We are so proud of her and how well she's doing. She really is a fighter. This morning we got some really good time in with Willow She had a good night, and Lindsay got to kangaroo with Willow for over a hour first thing this morning. Willow did great the whole time, and mom was very happy. Willow's been tolerating her feedings well so far. She's up to 8 mls every 3 hrs. They will raise it by 2 ml every day as long as she's doing well. She's been doing good on the CPAP and they are hoping to go to a nasal cannula within the next couple of days. This evening before we left we both held her for a while "baby" style. I got a great look at her beautiful face. I was a happy dad.

Lindsay and I are now back in Houghton. We got back tonight kinda late. I'm getting a bunch of stuff done tomorrow and then heading back down on Tuesday. My mom and Janna are holding fort in MQT and sending updates often. Janna is a great help with moral support, unfortunatly the only thing she can do at the hospital is hold our spot in the waiting room. Mom should get to hold Willow the next couple of day. Thanks to them for all the help. We'll keep updating you, even if we're in Houghton.

Good night (or morning),



Jill S said...

It's so good to see Willow looking so plump and well. Keep up the good work. Did you know that baby kangaroos (joeys) still enjoy having a cuddle in mum's pouch at 12 months?
Jenna must be feeling a bit frustrated. Can she see her niece through the nursery window?
Hope you're not getting too exhausted.
All the best
Jill & Roger (on his bike in Western Australia)

h.a.r said...

3 pounds! that's such a milestone! We'll keep praying for her!

Cameron said...


3 QUACKS for Willow.
Hip Hip Hurray!
Hip Hip Hurray!
Hip Hip Hurray!

-Liz & Cam

Tracey and Dave said...

Wow Willow really looks great, esp. that photo of her without the C-pap! I'll bet her weight will really go up as those feedings increase too. Nice your mom and sister came up for a little change of pace and how fun for Gma to get to hold her. Take care and hope this snow doesn't come your way

Chad Fluegge said...

Hey Josh and Lindsay! It's so good to see that Willow is doing good! :) Both Jess and I so happy for you guys. I know that you guys can't wait for it all to be over, but look at what you have to look forward to. We didn't think that March 24th was ever going to come. It did though! We're praying for you guys - our church is too!

Chad, Jess & Lil' Sam <-- MQT NICU grad.