Friday, March 27, 2009

32 Weeks Gestation

Hi everyone, Lindsay here. Willow is 32 weeks gestation today. I got down to Marquette at about 5 today. Dang, was it a long week! I mean, I'm not saying I don't love my job, but when you compare working to hanging out with Willow, there's really no comparison. Work loses. I wanted to work 8.5-hour days M-Th so I could leave early today (Friday), and I did, but 8.5 hour days turn into 10.5 hour days when you have to punch out 3 times to pump. Ugh! Then as soon as I'd get home, it'd be time to pump again, I'd have one spare hour to eat, walk Scout (that was my plan but it didn't happen, not even one day :( ), and do any other random chores, etc. I didn't get much sleep. It's going to be a hectic few weeks, but it will all be worth it when I get to be at home, for a little while at least, to take care of Willow when she gets out of the hospital. When Josh posted those pictures a couple days ago, I could hardly believe they were Willow. She looked like a completely different baby! My mom jokingly wondered if he accidentally walked up to the wrong isolette. But when I got down here today I was even more amazed. She looks huge to me! She's really starting to look like a regular newborn, just smaller. Josh's morning phone call to me after his visit with Willow wasn't as positive as I hope for; she didn't tolerate her morning feeding well and they held off on her next feeding. I was so worried she was getting sick again. But she took the rest of her feedings today just fine, so hopefully that was just a fluke. She's 2 pounds, 12 ounces today. Her vent settings are about as low as they can get, so it's almost for sure that they'll extubate her tomorrow and put her back on the CPAP. Keep your fingers crossed! I was very happy to get to kangaroo Willow tonight. She almost crushed me under her massive weight. It was such a great feeling after missing her so much all week. She was calm as can be for 90% of the time, had her eyes open for awhile and was sucking on her "paci" as the nurses call it. She did have one little fit where she kept trying to flip her head over (that's her favorite trick), and I had to hold her head to prevent her from doing that. She got mad and started desatting, but about 10 seconds later she forgot about it and calmed down again. She slept the rest of the time. We have some great pics for you today-eyes open! Enjoy.


Robin and Bill said...

Lindsay and Josh,
Willow sure looks cute with her eyes open! She looks bigger every day. So glad you are able to be together as a family for the weekend! Have fun!!
(Lindsay, I think you made a mistake on her weight)
Love, Robin

Robin and Bill said...

(I'm sorry,I had read her weight as 12 pounds ,2 ounces!! Gotta remember to weigh my glasses when I post!!)

jill said...

Jeepers, creepers, look at those peepers! Baby, you've got beautiful eyes!
Love, auntie jill

Cameron said...


Hey Lindsay & Josh & Willow! You guys talked a lot about Willow's EYES, but didn't mention a color (not that it could have been illustrated above, just wondering). Glad to hear she was calm & that Lindsay got through the week. I'm sure Josh is also glad to have some company in Marquette. Hold in there guys!

C & E

Lisa D. said...

Lindsay, Josh, and Willow,

Love the photos; she is changing daily now it seems. Glad you are getting some kangaroo time in as well. Take care and lots of love to you all!

Lisa, Scott, Nicholas, and Ellen