Thursday, March 19, 2009

On the nasal canula!!

Hi all,

Josh back again. Well today was another great day for Willow. They ended up keeping here feeding schedule the same, but she was doing so good on her breathing that they put her on the nasal canula. The canula gives Willow o2 and will also give her some positive pressure, kinda like the CPAP at +4. When I went in to see her tonight she was at 21% o2, so she's just doing awsome.
I held her kangaroo style when I first got here this morning, and just now I held her like a "real" baby. It was the first time that any of us have done that. It was very nice because you could see her face so well. She also got to wear one of her hats from Auntie Jill, she got on "Sweet Pea". Sorry no pictures tonight, the camera and computer are still with Lindsay in Houghton. Lindsay will be coming down tomorrow for the weekend and she's very excited to see her little girl. The posts this weekend will hopefully be full of cute pictures.

See ya,



Andrea said...

Congratulations! A cannula... that's fantastic! You guys are doing great :) Enjoy the weekend!

Char said...

Lindsay, Josh & Willow, It has been so fun to follow the progress of Willow. She is sooo cute! Love all her little hats she has collected. She is going to be quite the fashion diva. She is lucky to have such loving and dedicated parents through this exciting and stressful time. We pray she continues to thrive. Cant wait to meet her in person. Take care, Love, Char & Dan

Sharon Elise said...

She looks (and has been acting!) fantastic!! So great to hear-and see! (Really-this blog is great-you two do SUCH a good job w/updates.) And holding her like a "real" baby! What a step! Good thoughts continuing to you two...and your little girl. Love, Sharon

lindak said...

Hi Lindsay,
Love the picture of you holding Willow. She looks so content!!Keep up the good work and we'll all think positive thoughts of little Willow as she keeps growing and getting stronger. What a DOLL!!!