Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our first setback

Hi everyone,

Well we had our first minor setback today. Willow's doctors had told us to expect something like this to happen, but it still isn't at all easy. This morning Willow wasn't processing her breast milk, so they ran some x-rays and determined she has a bunch of air in her stomach and intestines. The air came from the CPAP. Apparently instead of all the air from the CPAP going to her lungs she ended up swallowing some and that's how it got into her stomach. To correct this they put her back on a breathing machine that is a tube into her lungs. Since she was put back on this she is doing much better. They have had to suspend her feedings for now, but will continue to give her nutrition with her baby gatorade. They will run more blood tests tomarrow and do another x-ray, so at that time we'll no more.

The good news of the day is that her jaundice level was low enough that they turned off her billi light. So when we went to see her tonight we could see her entire head. No CPAP over her nose, no sunglasses on her eyes, they even had her cap off. I wish we had the camera with us, as it was the best look we've had of her in a long time, and quite honestly she still looked very good.

Willow's weight is now upto 2 lbs 2 oz. and seems to be holding steady. She is expected to continue to gain weight, even without getting any breastmilk. She is a fighter, and we know she'll come through this just fine. One setback in the first 16 days is very good according to her doctors, so we're try not to get to stressed out about it. One of us will write again tomarrow when we find out more info. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.



Lisa Dee said...

Hey Linds, Josh, and Willow,

Sorry to hear about this little set back. As you said, the Doctors have told you there would be good days and bad. That said, it is so awesome that Willow has had so many good days up to this point. Hopefully tomorrow will bring positve news and she will be back on track with the breast milk feedings very soon. In the mean time you both have her surrounded by lots of love....the NICU will take care of the rest. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way each and every night. Love to you all!

Lisa and the whole Dee clan

Gary Rigelman said...

Hi Josh and Lindsay,
Sorry to hear about Willow's breathing difficulty. We have been reading your blog regularly and have been amazed by her strength. Thank you for posting the photoes, videoes, and progress updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, tomorow will bring great progress forward for Willow.

Jackie and Gary (Amy and Sara, too)

Chris and Alyssa said...

Jenson Family-
We are hoping and praying for even more "better days!" Stay strong and keep the faith-you guys, especially little Willow, are such fighters.

All the best,
The Braatens