Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 weeks and 6 days old

Hi to all,

Willow is still doing well. They increased her feedings to 12 mls. today. She actually gained quite a bit of weight from yesterday. She's up to 3 lbs. 5.6oz., which is a 4 oz. increase. They thinks it is mostly fluid retention, so they may have to put her on a dieretic that will help her to expell the extra fluid. Her nurse said this is very common for these little ones to need something like this. Hopefully if she does need the dierectic, it will only be temporary.

Willow is still on the CPAP and her settings remain the same, room air o2 and +5 pressure. Her blood gases looked good this morning, so things are looking good in the respritory dept. They havn't talked again about going to cannula, but I'm thinking they may wait a little bit so as not to move to quickly and have to go back to the CPAP. Man I am the king of run on sentences and spelling errors. I apologize for both. Lindsay is the speller in the family. I can get my point accross, it just may not be gramatically correct.

This morning I got to hold Willow for almost 2 hours. She did well the whole time. She really seems to enjoy it and so do I. This evening I went over and kangarooed her for a little over an hour. As long as she's enjoying it I'm going to hold her as much as possible. Then when Lindsay comes down on the weekends she can hold her the whole time. Thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers.




Lisa D. said...

Josh & Lindsay,
Josh, sounds like you have things under control in Marquette. You and Lindsay are becoming quite the experts on the medical jargon! Glad little Willow is tolerating the feedings and enjoying her one on one time with Daddy! How is Scout doing? Don't worry, she will adjust...if Megan can adjust...any dog can!!! I'm going scrapbooking this weekend with Tracey, Jody, and Katie so Scott will be in charge around here. Scott has a full weekend planned so I doubt they will miss me. I suppose that is a good thing! Lindsay, safe travels on the weekend and enjoy your family time! Love to you all...The Dees.

Christine Hodges said...

Josh and Lindsay:
Josh, You do a Great job blogging, keep it up! I love to read your perspective on things in the NICU. It is wonderful to see Willow looking so much more filled out and better every day. I hope the feedings keep going well. Our prayers are still and continually with you all. good luck to Lindsay working so hard in Hancock, it must be hard. Chris H.

Tim said...

Sheryl and I are happy to see things are going well.
You have more important things to worry about right now besides your spelling.