Friday, April 24, 2009

36 weeks gestation

Hi everyone,

Lindsay here. It was a crazy busy week at work and now I'm back in Marquette. Now that we've decided that next week will be my last full week of work, I'm starting to panic a little about all the things I haven't finished. I guess I have some workaholic tendencies, because you'd think work wouldn't be that high on my list of things to worry about right now, but for some reason it is. But, I did get a lot done this week and I'm making detailed instructions for the people that will be helping fill in for me. Thanks, Tammy and Dee! Josh is starting work again on Thursday, and then the week after next, I'll be down here in Marquette most of the week and every week after that. I think I'm going to try for 2-day workweeks and be here the rest of the time. My Mom will help out by staying with Willow some of those 2-day stretches where neither Josh nor me are here. I just hope Willow gets out sooner rather than later, because if she's in the NICU 6 or 8 more weeks, I'm going to burn up most of my leave if I'm working only 2-day weeks. I just wish we somehow knew Willow's exact discharge date in advance so we could plan better, but obviously that's not possible. It's frustrating trying to plan all this back-and-forth.

Willow was a pooped kid today. Josh went to see her this morning and tried to give her a bottle for her 9:30 feeding, but she wouldn't wake up enough, and when he tried too hard she had a brady. D'oh. Then when I got here, we went over again for her 6:30 feeding. I tried to breastfeed her but she was still totally zonked out and we couldn't rouse her. Oh well. I guess the key is to catch her in one of her few alert periods during the day! But she's doing great anyway. Yesterday she was 4 pounds 9 ounces, and today she's 4 pounds 10 ounces. It seems like she's pretty much gained an ounce a day most days this week! I washed and brought down all of the "preemie" clothes people have given us. I don't think Willow will need to be wearing any more hospital-issue clothes. She's got a large wardrobe already!

We went out for Thai tonight. Ughhh...I'm so stuffed right now. It takes a lot of food these days to make me stuffed. Appetizer, huge meal, dessert. It was delicious though.

Sorry, we don't have any photos today. We'll post some tomorrow though.

Have a great Friday night!


lindak said...

Congratulations Willow!!
You are now my birth weight!! 4#10oz. You are looking so cute and your parents are so proud of you. Keep up the good work are you'll be home soon. Can't wait for Mama to bring you to work.
Love, Linda K.

Chris and Alyssa said...

Thinking of you and praying for little Willow to continue to grow and be able to go home soon!

All the very best,
The Braaten's