Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Willow is boring, and I love it!!


Well we had another uneventful(awsome) day here in Marquette. If Willow can keep having days like this we'll be home in a couple of weeks. Today she gained an ounce, so she's now 4lbs 8.6oz. She did better for me with the bottle today. She drank 15 mls. of her 37 ml. feeding. Not quite up to the whole thing yet, but she was nice and alert and didn't have any heart rate drops or anything like that. That is the one thing they really look for when you start on the bottle. Often when babies first are starting out they will have "episodes" and that will hold back the feedings, but Willow has been doing great. I'm hoping that they will let us try to go to the bottle twice tomorrow. Lets get this show on the road.

I signed up Lindsay and I for an infant training class that will take place in early May. We both have no idea how to take care of a baby, and I feel like the on the job training we've gotten in the last couple of months only made me more aware of how little I know. Lindsay has atleast baby sat newborns before, but as I've iterated in the blog, I am clueless. I know that we'd get by ok even without the class, but it won't hurt.

It sounds like I'm going back to work sometime next week, so we're in the process of figuring out a schedule for the rest of Willow's stay down here. It should work out pretty good, as Willow is getting to the point where she can be breast feeding more often, and Lindsay will need to be down here. There may be a couple of days where niether of us can be down here, but Willow is in great hands with her nurses, and Judy has offered to come down as well. I was able to get the camcorder working, so I put up a pic and a video. Neither are all that great, but oh well.

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Christine Hodges said...

Great job, Josh! And how wonderful that Willow is "boring". Who needs the kind of excitement that brings worries in the NICU? Keep up the good work and hope that little girl is ready to come home to the Copper Country sooner rather than later!
Chris H

Cameron said...


Baby in red....we LOVE you.

Great to hear all is well & getting better. Can't wait to hang out with the little one up here in Houghton.

-Liz & Cam