Thursday, April 23, 2009

9 Weeks Old


We had another great day here in MQT. This morning Willow took 22 mls. from her bottle, which is the most she's ever taking for me. She was very alert the whole time and didn't have any problems. This evening we tried again and didn't have very good results. She was very tired right from the beginning and didn't even want to try to suck. We only tried for a couple of minutes, and I could see she was just to tired, so I snuggled her up and they put the feeding through the pump, no big deal.

One of the reasons she was so tired this evening is I gave her a bath this afternoon, and that really wears her out. She did much better for me this time. She barely cried and fussed at all. I also was much better at giving the bath. In fact I feel like I'm getting better at most of the things I can do for Willow. I guess it makes sense, practice makes perfect. I also now realize that she isn't this fragile little girl and I can move her around and she's not going to break. That was a fear I had for a while, and I'm just now getting over it.

My mom, my grandma Jenson and my aunt Jill are all coming on Saturday for a couple of days. It'll be nice to have them up here. My grandma and Jill havn't seen Willow yet. The NICU allows great grandmas to go in, but unfortunately Jill won't be able to. We can, however, take Willow to a window and Jill can look in at her. That is something we couldn't do yet when Janna was here.

I got a couple good pics with Willow and I. They actually were taking on Ellen's dad Nate's camera, and he and Ellen are in one of the pics. Ellen continues to do well, and we've speculated that when we're all gone her and Willow lie there talking to each other, only they do it by setting off alarms on there monitors.




Katie Matzke said...

Hey, Linds, Josh, and Willow! Will ow is doing soooooo great! She is such a pretty little girl. Wow, she will be 5 lbs. before you know it! I can't believe you are getting snow!!! Oh well, it can't last forever. Josh, your blogging is so cool. It is so interesting to hear your thoughts and concerns and joys during this very unique time in your life. It will be so nice to have such a complete record of it later on down the road. Time sure flies once you have kids. Ben is two on Monday, and I can hardly believe it! The second year went faster than the first one, so I guess that means time will keep "speeding up" as Ben gets older. Before we had Ben, we were clueless too. I think pretty much everyone feels that way. And, sometimes I STILL feel like that! It's a lot of trial and error and getting advice from here and there. Somehow we turned out alright, and all my mom had was one book on parenting-- "Dr. Spock's." Oh and "The Strong Willed Child," but I'm sure you guys won't need to worry about that! ;)Hee hee
Take care!

Lindsay said...

Wow, Nate's camera must be a lot better than ours - those pics are crystal-clear, even when you enlarge them.
I can tell Willow is trying to poop in that second picture, because her face is all red.
See you in a few hours!!
-Mom (Lindsay)