Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still gaining weight


By comparison to the last couple of weeks, today was a very slow day for Willow in the NICU. She's doing so well now, that the only things they'll be changing are her feedings. They did start fortifying the milk today. If she tolerates the fortifier than they are going to up the feedings 1 ml to 34 mls. Today she gained 16g and is up to 3 lbs. 14.2 oz. I'm thinking we'll hit the 4 lb. mark within the next few days. As of right now it's looking like Willow is going to be sandy blonde, not a redhead. But who knows, that could still change.

I got to hold Willow twice today. This morning I swaddled her, and this evening we did a kangaroo. They were both quite enjoyable. Tomorrow she is due for another bath, and I'm going to get in on this one. Hopefully I can get the nurses to take a couple of pictures.

The NICU is pretty empty right now. There are only 7 babies in there. I think the fullest it's been since we've been there was probably 15 babies. It's kinda nice, because it's much quiter without all the extra commotion.

Willow tried on another of her hats from Great Auntie Jill today. Her nurses were gushing again at how cute all the hats are. Willow's nurse tonight hadn't had her for a while and she kept commenting on how good Willow looked. The last time she had her was at the begining of her last illness, and Willow's come miles since then. Thanks again for all the great comments, and of course for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

See ya,



Ryan Schaefer said...

Hey Josh-
Thanks for the post, I checked twice and thought maybe you were going to skip a day, glad you didn't....

Chad Fluegge said...

Hey Josh! Just read the latest updates! Good to see Willow doing so well! I sent you an email as well!

Regarding your diaper experience... I experienced almost the exact same thing as you did - only worse: I was in the line of fire! :-)

Cindy was Sam's nurse at the time... she saw it coming and managed to duck around the corner in the nick of time... :-) I was somewhat less fortunate.

Tell all the nurses that we said hello and that Lil' Sam is doing great!

All the best,
Chad, Jess & Lil' Sam

Cameron said...


All Willow needs is a MICKY MOUSE hat to complete her collection.

Keep on the keeping on!
Cam & Liz

jjjb said...

To Cameron&Liz:
Good idea! But how about Minnie Mouse instead?
Auntie Jill