Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a great weekend


Well another weekend has come and gone. I just love the weekends down here, when Lindsay's down and we can all be together. We had a fun night out last night. We went out for a casual dinner at the pub in the Landmark Inn. The food was quite good, and not to expensive, and the homemade dessert was excellent. Lindsay has decided that she needs some extra calories. We figured it out, and she's burning an extra 1200-1400 calories a day by pumping. Needless to say she's always hungry and can't seem to gain any weight no matter how much she's eating. Anyway that dessert and the one she had this afternoon should help. We bumped into our friends Ben and Joe last night at the restaurante. This morning we met up with Ben, his wife Kim and their kids for breakfast. Thanks again to them for a wonderful breakfast. Their kids are a lot of fun, it makes me even more excited to get Willow out of the NICU and home. I can't wait to be able to take her around where ever we go.

Willow had another great day. Chuck and Judy came down this morning for a visit. Judy was able to hold Willow for the first time. They both did very well during there time together. Chuck still hasn't been able to hold Willow, but he is definatly going to get his turn next time they come down.

Willow is 3 lbs. 9 oz. today, so she lost a half an ounce from yesterday. They are now giving her 22ml of milk with each feeding. It won't be long now and she will hopefully be up to full feedings. She's still performing very well on the cannula. So far there is no need to go back to the CPAP. Willow is now the NICU veteran. We were looking around today and there aren't any other baby's that have been there longer. I'm not sure how to feel about this, especially considering we still have another 6-7 weeks left. I guess I'm just happy she's doing so well and I won't really worry about anything else.

It'll be another week down here by myself. Time goes pretty quickly though. With all the Willow visits I do in a day, it doesn't seem to leave much time for other stuff. I do have to do the taxes at some point this week. Hopefully they go nice and smoothly. Hope you all have a good Monday.

See ya,



Lois Bell said...

Josh. thanks for your great postings about your last few days. So glad your family was all together for the weekend. Sounded like a good time. I"ll be talking to G'ma Judy tomorrow about her time with the little one. She looks cuter every day. Love, G'ma Lois

Cameron said...


MMMMM, Lindsay needs a piece of warm PIE to get more calories in...sounds good for both her & Willow

Katie Matzke said...

Hey, Jenson family!
Oh, the picture of G'ma Judy makes me cry! How cute is that?!?!? Man, Linds, I totally miss the excuse to eat and eat and eat. That part rules about breastfeeding! Willow looked so grown up in her little outfits! I think pink is her color. It's so nice to see her pretty little face now with just the nasal canula. Hang in there, and steady on!
Love and prayers,

jannahope said...

Lindsay - great picture of you and Willow! You look like such a proud, happy mama and Willow looks so cute in her outfit, fun to see her in some clothes!