Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not much change today

Hey all,

This is the first day since Willow was born that she's all alone in the NICU. Of course she has great nurses that take care of her every need, but it kinda sucks that she doesn't have any family there to give her lovin'.

Willow gained 10 grams today. She's now 5 lbs. 1 oz., so were still gaining weight. She didn't take a whole lot of her nippleing this morning, but she took 24 mls. last night. It seems to be very hit and miss. Willow's nurses keep telling us that one day they she'll just "get it" and take off. This is a typical pattern for a premie. She's not doing anything that they wouldn't expect. Willow got moved into a new area in the NICU on Tuesday. She's now in her own little room and even closer to the door.

If you look at these two pictures right after each other

it looks like Willow has some kung fu moves.

I started back at work today. Luckily I was doing work that wasn't overly exerting, so I'm not too sore right now. I've gotten a bit out of shape in my time of unemployement, luckily I'm only working two days this week. That will be a nice way to ease back into it. It did feel very good though to be back to work. It's nice to go out and get something done. However, I did find myself thinking about Willow very often.

This is a picture of Willow and I's new favorite cuddle position. She loves to lay like this with her arms under her head.

Lindsay is heading down to Marquette tomorrow, and I'll be going down on Saturday. I miss Willow so much already and I'm not looking forward to next week when I won't get to see her all week, I guess I now know how Lindsay feels. We're opening some gifts right now that came in the mail today. So much fun and cute stuff for little Willow.




Tim said...

We are keeping our fingers crossed. Is that the first room on the right when you walk in? That is the room the girls had before they got to go home. Sometimes the nurses would shut the door at shift change so we wouldn't have to leave.

Amy said...

Willow looks so precious! She has gotten so strong and healthy - what a sweetheart. We're still rooting for you all to get home as a family soon. Hopefully it's down to only a couple of weeks. Work always gets in the way of the important stuff, doesn't it? Take Care - Love, Mark & Amy

Jody said...

Lindsay, Josh and Willow,
These pictures are so cute...Willow is just adorable. Is there anything better than a little baby snuggled up to you? She looks so content. Glad all is going well....

Don and Jody