Monday, April 20, 2009

Hangin' with Grandma

Hi everyone,

I don't have time to write much if a post today, but I just wanted to do a quick one...I know some people worry if we skip a day. Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa S. came down to visit, and then I went home with my Dad Sunday night. Grandma is staying with Willow Monday and Josh will be back from MN on Tuesday. Pretty much the same routine as last week, except for the MN part. Willow continues to do awesome; she gained another ounce Sunday and was up to 4 pounds, 6 ounces. Here are some photos. The first one is me and Willow kangarooing on Saturday night; there's one of her first time wearng socks (still a little big on her) and the blurry one I posted despite the blurriness because it's the closest thing to a smile we've captured in a photo. She smiles (or seems to) pretty often but they're so fleeting it's hard to capture them!

I accidentally brought the camera home with me to Houghton, so there may be a lack of photos the next few days. Maybe not though, because Josh has our camcorder down there. We got it for Christmas and haven't figured out how to use it yet, but now he might be forced to. It has the ability to take still photos too.


Chad Fluegge said...

We are so glad to see Willow doing so very well!!!!
We will keep praying that she will come home soon.
Chad, Jess, & Samantha

Cameron said...


I can picture the smile 2 hours away. Good to hear she had a good weekend in her big girl bed. Hope her quality time with Grandma is fun. She looked really comfortable with Lindsay and kangarooing. Snug as a bug in a rug. Lindsay I know we talked about dinner this week, but since we are both sick, thought it would be better to postpone. Sorry!

-Liz & Cam

Tracey and Dave said...

We are sorry to hear about Josh's uncle but am glad Gma Judy was around to fill the gap, I'm sure she loved it. I know she can't wait to get babysitting for real at home. I am also excited about the nursing, that is so great that it is going as well as it is this early. At this rate she'll have th hang of the whole idea and you won't be able to feed her fast enough. Hear you have snow up there, be careful driving everyone! Love D and T