Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 weeks old today!

Hello everyone,

Willow has hit the 6 week mark today. What a little trooper she is. She continues to do well. Today she was up to 3 lbs. 8 oz. It's good that she is gaining weight, but her urine output was down, so they gave her some more lasex today to try to get rid of the extra fluid. It did the trick. While I was holding her this morning I swear I could feel her peeing. Sure enough she had a big wet diaper when we were done with our cuddle session. Luckily she didn't wet right through it. I changed that diaper, and I also changed the one before it, which was the first poopy diaper I've ever changed. Ever! I know it's hard to believe, but apparently no one ever trusted me with their messy little baby. I guess I'm ok with that. I'll get to change plenty of diapers from here on in.

They were able to come down on Willow's CPAP setting today. She's now at +4 pressure and room air o2, which is pretty much as low as you can go on the CPAP. Their is talks of trying to possibly try her on the cannula again tomorrow. I'm very excited for her to get on the cannula, but I don't want them to rush her. They know best, so I'll just trust there judgement. They also went up on her feedings today to 14 ml. I think this may be the most she's gotten to date. So far so good, she's tolerating them just fine. I did ask what a full feeding would be for a baby her size and it's 28 ml. If they keep upping her feedings 2ml a day we'll be there in a week.

I got a couple of good cuddle sessions in with Willow today. I'm trying to go in during a couple of her feedings so I can have her suck on her paci. That way she'll associate a full tummy with sucking and it'll make breastfeeding easier. I did learn today not to "make" her take the paci if she doesn't want it otherwise she'll get an oral aversion. Willow nurse tonight was one of my favorites, and she really knows her stuff. Things are just moving along well down here. Lindsay will be back down tomorrow afternoon and the family will be complete, minus Scout and Daria. I can't wait for Lindsay to see how much Willow has grown just in the last week. Little Willow is soooo cute right now that Lindsay may cry when she sees her. I just found out that a couple of our favorite musicians, Seth Bernard and Daisy May, are playing at NMU on Sat. Should be a good time. Talk to you all soon.

See ya,


P.S. I lost the good wireless internet connection that was floating around at the Beacon House, so I'll have to post today's pictures tomomorrow.


Andrea said...

It sounds like you guys are moving right along! I remember being excited about changing diapers in the NICU, too. And you're right, you'll have plenty when you get home and it won't be that great anymore, so enjoy it while it lasts! Relax and have fun family time this weekend! Will you please tell Jen, the evening nurse, the Vendlinskis say "hi!"? Thanks!

Lois Bell said...

Josh. You are such a great blogger. I love how you keep us all up to date. Linds. You have had a busy week so enjoy your little one and have a great family weekend. She is so cute now. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers every day. Love, Great G'ma and G'pa