Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No more IV's

Hello everybody,

Willow is free and clear of all IV lines as of 6 PM. She had another great day. This morning it was decided that they would give her some blood through her picc line and pull it out after that. The blood transfusion went perfect, and the picc line came out like a breeze. Now the only things she has are her feeding tube and the cannula. She also still has the probes that measure heart rate, ect., and those she'll have on until discharge. Those don't really seem to bother her though.

They bumped up her feedings to 30 and 32 mls today. This is now full feedings for her size. They will keep increasing them now as she gains weight. To help her get extra calories and nutrients they are going to add a fortifier to the milk starting tomorrow. This will help her get the most out of her feedings.

After I held Willow earlier today I put her back in her isolette and put her on her stomach. I came back two minutes later and this is what she looked like. Her nurse comented that she always puts herself in the most uncomfortable looking positions.

Willow's weight today was 3 lbs. 12.4 oz., a gain of 28 grams. We are inching ever closer to the 4 lb. mark. The big event of the day came during a diaper change I was doing on her. I was changing her diaper, like I've done a number of times now, except this time she had a suprise. Just as I took off the dirty diaper she projectile pooped straight onto the end wall of her isolette. It came out with such force that she didn't even get a drop on herself. It was really quite amazing. Fortunatly they were already planning on changing out her isolette after the diaper change anyway. It just made for a little extra work for house keeping. I had to take a picture, but I'll spare all of you. If she does that at home and I have to clean it out of the carpet, I probably won't be laughing as hard as I was today. Note to Cameron and Liz; no need to make a picture of this in the comment area, but otherwise keep them coming.

See ya,



Missy said...

Willow gets cuter and cuter every day (both in looks and personality!). What a wonderful week of growth and development! Is she turning into a true redhead? Her photo today reminds me of your Aunt Jill :)

You've done a great job keeping everyone informed. Reading about Willow's steady trek toward home always brightens my day!

Take care,
Missy Holm

kate said...

She is doing so amazing, a friend of mine just had a brand new addition to her family so we both coo about our new little cousins. I've had bragging right for awhile so I guess I have to share. The girls I sit with all get Willow updates as I read the blog and she has quite a fan base at the college of pharmacy. I can't wait to meet her and see you guys!
Lots of love,

Jill S said...

I can't believe how much there was to catch up on after I had a few Internet-free days. The photos certainly bring Willow closer and closer to everyone but we love the commentary too. We were wondering how Scout responds to the photos!
All the best
Jill, Roger and family

Andrea said...

LOVE the video! Everyone looks great :) Keep it up!

P.S. That sneeze was a big deal... it's a milestone for a preemie!

Amy Widener said...

What more to say than that she's beautiful!!! CONGRATS AGAIN AND AGAIN! I wish a trip to Jackson was in the works so I could meet her. I suppose a trip to the mid-west is looking more and more necessary!!!
Linds, we're working on the massive piles of term forms and HI reimbursement, don't ya miss it?!?! :)
We miss you!!

Lois Bell said...

Hi Linds and Josh. Willow has a big fan club. So many of us are checking in every day to watch her progrss. The day to day story of her NICU days is going to be an interesting history for her memoirs. We can't wait to meet her in person. Love to all of you. G'ma and G'pa Lois and Zip

Cameron said...


Hick-up! So good cuz it goes down smooth. Keep up the great work Willow, Josh, & Lindsay!

ps. thanks for your tip on what not to draw!