Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Lbs!!!

Hey all,

I've only got time for a very quick post tonight. I wanted everyone to know Willow is still doing great. She hit the 5 lb mark today, so that's very exciting. She nipple feed twice today and took 10 mls. for me this morning and 22 mls. for her nurse tonight.

We are both up in Houghton for the next couple days. I'm starting work again tomorrow. Judy was going to go down to Marquette, but they have visitation restrictions because of the swine flu, and only parents can go into the NICU right now. Lindsay will be heading down on Friday, and I'll head back down on Saturday.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

See ya,



Sharon Elise said...

5 pounds! You look great Willow! Love, Sharon

jannahope said...

Yay - 5 lbs! Sounds like you had a fun weekend, wish I had been with. Good luck back at work, hopefully it will only be a short few more weeks until you can go home from work to Willow being home in Houghton!

June Schmidgall said...

THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS! 5lbs WOW! I check the site all the time. The pictures are SOOOOOO CUTE and those hats are so adorable. Glad to hear all is going so well, after all Willow has been through, she is SO LUCKY to have such a wonderful LOVING family that do so MUCH for you all. It's nice to see the pictures of Josh's family and it was good to see the pictures of Grandpa Charles and Grandma Judy. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL. Just Love her to pieces as they GROW UP WAY TOO FAST. I hope I get to meet her some day when you get to HANCOCK please give me a call. Love June and family

Burdick Boys said...

She is getting so big and doing so well. My oldest son was 5# 5.5 ounces at birth (38 weeks) so she isnt far behind! Enjoy your time and help with the nurses. It will all be over before you know it and she will be home and all yours. I'm so excited for you guys because there is nothing better than the feeling of bringing your new baby home! I'm sure it will happen soon since she is such a fighter!

Katie Matzke said...

That's a big milestone! Way to grow, Willow!

Lois Bell said...

Five pounds!! Wow! Congratulations to you, Josh and Linds for all your loving care of that little one. Also to all the grandparents--what a great family Willow has. I would like to add that I greatly admire your NICU nurses for being so "on the ball". Love, G'ma L

Lisa D. said...

Hey Linds, Josh and Willow,
5 that is progress! We are so excited she is doing so well and like everyone else check the blog all the time; it's an addicition!!

Josh, hope all goes well for you back at work. I bet you will both be anxious to get back to Marquette. Safe travels...Love, Lisa and all.