Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 Weeks old!

Hey ya,

Not sure if that's even a real greeting, but I'm trying to keep the blog fresh. Willow is already 7 weeks old today. Wow!! It seems like time is really moving now. It's like I said a while ago. Time seems to crawl down here when she's sick, and it flys by when she's doing well. I much prefer the latter.

Today was another fairly slow day for Willow, as far as changes go. This morning, however, was pretty eventful. I got to give Willow a tub bath. She is still getting a sponge bath inside her isolette on her upper body, then we took her out and put her tush in the tub for a good rinse. She really didn't enjoy the sponge bath one bit. She was crying the loudest I've ever heard her. It was music to my ears. I'm sure at some point I'll regret saying this, but right now I just love to hear her using those vocal chords. When we took her out for her dip in the tub she did settle down, and seemed to enjoy it, atleast for the most part. You can see from the pictures that she did have a bit of a break down in the tub. After the bath they wanted her back in the isolette to warm up, so I didn't get to hold her until about noon. She gets fed at 12:30, so I held her for that feeding and kept holding her until about 2:00. We had a great time. Willow's nurse said Lindsay could do Willow's Monday bath on Sunday evening, otherwise Lindsay will always miss out, and it's really alot of fun.

We got the result of Willow's head ultrasound that was done last week back, and as expected it was perfectly normal. It's always nice to hear good news.

Willow is now up to 3 lbs. 15 oz. She gained 24 g. from yesterday. We are so so close to that 4 lb. mark. Maybe tomorrow. They increased her feedings to 34 mls., and they are continuing to put some fortifier in the milk.

Willow and two other babies in the NICU are all almost exactly the same gestational age right now. It will be very interesting to see how we all do in the weeks to come. One of the babies parents are from Eau Clair, WI. They were up visiting the mom's parents, who live in the area, and she went to the hospital with what turned out to be pre-eclampsia. It's amazing how similiar her's and Lindsay's storys are. They were telling me today that they were on vacation in Florida when the mom was 26 weeks pregnant, just like we were suppose to be. Their baby held on until the 31st week though. They are extremely nice people, and their baby is doing well. It'll be nice having another family in the NICU that is going through the same things as us.

We are finally getting a little bit of sun up here, so I'm going to go for a nice long walk today. Hope the weather is good wherever you are, and you can get out to enjoy it as well.

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Chris and Alyssa said...

Fabulous! We are so glad that Willow is growing each day! We continue to pray for all of you and that she will get to the four lbs mark soon:)


Ruth said...

Glad to see the pics, I love to see that she is looking so much "bigger". Love and miss you guys!

Jody and Don said...

Josh, that is so cute, you giving her a bath. I'm glad Linds will have her chance too. Pretty special.

June Schmidgall said...

Josh and Lindsay and Willow, THANKS SO MUCH for all the updates and pictures, she is growing so big and looking so GOOD. Hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER together. Keep the updates coming. Josh you look like you are a natural at giving Willow a bath and she looks like she doesn't mind it too much. Our thoughts and Prayers continue to be with you all. Love David, June, and family