Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still on the cannula

Hello to all,

It's Saturday evening and I wanted to let everyone know that Willow is still doing great. Lindsay got in yesterday evening and was able to kangaroo Willow for over 2 hours. I left them alone so Lindsay could try to nap, but it sounds like they both enjoyed it alot.

This morning we went over hoping that she would still be on the cannuala. The longest she's made it on it so far is about 24 hours. We were very pleased that not only was she still on it, but they had lowered the pressure on it a little bit. So for now it's on and staying on. Today they increased her feedings to 19 mls, and she's been tolerating them very well.

When we went in to see her she was being very squiggly inside her isolette. Lindsay was trying to calm her down, but it wasn't working. We decided she must have a messy or wet diaper. Sure enough it was a big one. They weigh each one, and this one weighed 2 oz. Considering her weight that is a lot of pee. It makes sense though as they gave her another dose of lasex. She has been retaining too much water. Today she didn't look so puffy; that and the very wet diaper means the lasex is working. After the diaper change she calmed right down. She was looking up at the two of us with wide eyes. We snapped a couple of pics, and at the time she had on a shirt that Lindsay's aunt Tracey gave her. It was for a micro preemie and fits pretty good. It's the first article of clothing she's worn other than hats. Not only is it meant for micro preemies, we decided it's meant for babies who are still in isolettes, because it is designed in such a way that you don't have to pull it over her head or put her arms through the arm holes. It snaps together instead. Willow is now getting to the point where she can start wearing clothes, so you'll probably start seeing more in the pictures. We than had a good couple of hours of being able to hold her.

Tonight we're going to go see Willow again. Then we are going to grab some dinner and go to the Seth Bernard and Daisy May concert at NMU. Should be a great night. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.

See ya,



Robin and Bill said...

Lindsay and Josh,
So great to hear all of the good news on Willow and to see the great pictures! She is looking bright and alert and is filling out so nicely.
Enjoy your quick weekend family time!!
Love, Robin

Tracey and Dave said...

Hey what great news! I did talk to Judy on my way to our weekend of scrapbooking so i had heard that all tests were OK. Wow can't believe how much difference a few ounces can make she looks almost chubby. Cute shirt and we are looking forward to buying more! Take care and hope you 2 had a great time on your concert "date".
Tracey and Dave

Lisa D. said...

Awesome news to come home to! Tracey had passed along all the positive test results but the photos say it all!! Hope you had a great night out! More Lisa and all.

Lisa D. said...

Hi again...just saw all the photos you added! Keep the pics coming; it is so fun to see Willow's progress. It was great to finally see a picture of "Gma Judy!" in action! Wow, the sound of that still takes some getting use to! Then again, so does the sound of "Great Aunt Lisa!" :) We can't wait to see you all and meet little Willow in person when the time is right.

Love, hugs, and prayers to all,
Lisa, Scott, and kids