Friday, April 3, 2009

Having a good morning

Good morning everyone,

I normally don't post in the morning, but so many good things happened this morning that I wanted to let everyone know about them. First of all Willow had her eye exam this morning and she has NO prematurity in her eyes. This is just fantastic news. She won't have to have another eye exam for a month. This morning they also put her on the cannula while I was holding her. She was doing great with it while I was there. I'm hoping this time she can stay on it, but I'll try not to be disapointed if she needs to go back on the CPAP. She was looking very cute while I was holding her. We put on her "Sweet Pea" hat from great Aunt Jill. Sorry I didn't get a pic, the camera was out of reach.

My cuddle session got cut short because Willow was getting a routine head ultrasound this morning. This is the same thing she got in her first week.
Those came back fine, and we don't expect them to find anything with this one. It's just something they do with all the premie's at certain times.

They also increased Willow's feedings this morning. She's now up to 16 mls. If she tolerates the increase then they will keep upping it 2 ml every 12 hours. So by tomorrow morning she could be up to 20 mls. So far she seems to really be enjoying mom's milk. She gets very calm and sleepy after a feeding.
It's a great time to be holding her. However, then she usually messes up her diaper and starts getting squiggly and we need to change it. Oh well, I'm just so happy she's eating good.
Here's those pics from yesterday. In the pics she still has the CPAP. I'll get some with the cannula when Lindsay shows up later this afternoon.

See ya,



jannahope said...

I wasn't expecting to see a new post this morning, what a pleasant surprise. And you're right, such great news...the eye exam, the cannula, the feedings! Willow's had such a great week, I'm very proud of her. Have a great weekend!

XO, Auntie Janna

Ryan Schaefer said...

Hey, she looks pretty cute in that new top pic, even a cute little double chin. Glad to hear the good news!

Cameron said...


To PEE or not to PEA...that is the question. Whether or not it is nobler for Josh to change a yellow or brown diaper, the world may never know.

ENJOY the fam time!
Liz & Cam

June Schmidgall said...

WAY TO GO WILLOW, keep up the GOOD work. In the pictures by yourself you look so big, but with Daddy you look SO little, but SOOO CUTE. Glad to hear such GOOD news. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Josh you and Lindsay keep the updates coming and the pictures, it is so neat to watch her grow and get stronger. Have a Good weekend as a family now and keep spoiling Willow. June and family

h.a.r said...

OMG! She actually has chin rolls now!!!! too cute! Way to go Willow!

Chris and Alyssa said...

GREAT news! Keep it up Willow!


Amy said...

Josh & Linds, Willow almost looks chubby in that 1st picture, which is the greatest thing EVER! Wow - she looks so healthy & her color looks so nice and pale (instead of pinkish/red) - she's just so beautiful. We're so happy for her & you guys! A & M