Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grandma and Great Grandma

Hi everyone, Willow had a busy day yesterday. Josh was still feeling like he might be getting sick (he feels that way a lot, in case you haven't noticed, and usually nothing comes of it, but it's better to be safe than sorry), so he didn't go into the NICU. I went to visit Willow in the morning, and then Josh and I got a lot of stuff done back at the Beacon House-buying stuff online, thank you notes, bills, etc. All that stuff I don't seem to have time to do during the week. Josh's Grandma Lois, Mom, and Aunt Jill (the maker of the hats!) called and said they would get here at about 6:30.

look at that smile!

I headed over to the NICU again for Willow's 6:30 feeding in hopes that she'd be alert enough to nurse. I was not disappointed. She was wide awake when I got there, and stayed awake for about an hour! I think that might be a record for her-at least when we've been around. And she did a great job too. I was very proud of her. After about a half hour of on-and-off nursing (she takes a lot of breaks!), we stopped and her nurse hooked up her tube feeding. So far, for the breastfeeding, they've just assumed she didn't get much milk and given her her whole tube feeding afterwards. This time I was sort of wondering, because she seemed to have actually gotten some milk. I mentioned it to the nurse, but she didn't seem concerned. Well, right towards the end of the tube feeding, she spit up! That's not common for Willow, so I think she was definitely over-full. I was sort of glad because it meant she did actually get something while breastfeeding (although I feld bad for her discomfort). The nurse said that from now on, they'll weigh her on a really precise scale before she nurses, and then again after so they know how much she got and then they can reduce her tube feeding accordingly. Josh's mom Jean showed up during the tube feeding, and it was time for me to pump, so I left the NICU and then Josh's Grandma Lois went in. It was very sweet to see her with Willow and I think she was beside herself with excitement. We got some cute pictures, but they're on Jean's camera and we haven't uploaded them yet, so we'll put them on later. But I did get some other photos and a video of Willow talking. It's sort of long though. Right at the end, about a second after the video ended, she filled her diaper. You can tell by the face she makes in the last second of the video - haha!


Robin and Bill said...

What a precious smile! She looks and sounds sooo wonderful! Enjoy!Can't wait to meet her and hold her.
Love. Robin

Sharon Elise said...

LOVE her smile... Lookin' and soundin' great Willow!
Love, Sharon

Lisa D. said...

Lindsay, Josh, and Willow,
Glad to see Willow is getting bigger and stronger every day. Love the photo and her precious little smile! Sounds like you have had a big weekend there. I bet Willow got lots of attention...thats great! Cold and wet here...looking forward to warmer days and launching the pontoon. Take care...Love, Lisa and all.