Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun day in the NICU!

Hey everybody,

We had a good day today in the NICU. Willow continues to grow. She gained another ounce and is at 4 lbs. 13 oz. today. She was a sleepy head again today and didn't do very well when Lindsay tried to breast feed her. Later my mom tried to bottle feed her and once again she feel asleep to quickly and didn't take hardly anything. We've decided to have Willow's nurses feed her whenever she is most awake. Up to now we've been wanting them to hold the feedings for us so we could do them, but this doesn't always work out if she isn't awake. We figure that if her nurses feed her when she's most awake then they will have better success and we can continue to move forward. There will be plenty of opportunities for us to feed Willow in the coming days, weeks, months and years. We can't get to hung up on us doing it right now.

We all went out for a very nice breakfast this morning. We got thoroughly stuffed and went over to the NICU. That's when Lindsay tried to breast feed and such. After that we did have an opportunity for Jill to see Willow through the window. As you can see from the pictures she was very happy. She said that it was almost as good as being able to hold and see her up close. We'll do it again tomorrow, as it's looking like the NICU is holding firm on there no guests other than parents and grandparents. Jill wishes they could bend the rules, but also understands there position.

Later in the afternoon we opened some gifts that came up with the crew. There were alot of very fun items and thank you to everyone that sent gifts (you'll get a personalized thank you in the mail soon :) Mom took some good pics of the gift opening. Jill got us a children's book title "Willow". How cool is that. It's about a little free spirited girl named Willow, sounds familier. Grandma Lois got us a baby carrier that we modeled with a pillow. I don't think Willow is going to fill it out quite that much, at least not at first. Tomorrow will be another fun day of visiting Willow and hopefully she'll have better luck with the bottle. Lots of great pics today, enjoy!

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Jill S said...

Great collection of photos. Everyone looks so happy that we want to smile too. I think it will be quite q while before Willow is as big as that pillow! She'll probable be running around by then.
All the best
Jill & Roger

Lois Bell said...

Thanks for posting all the cute pictures. Willow's little arms are even looking sort of fat--so cute. She has a huge fan club here in MN. We hope to get up there to see her soon. Love to all. G'ma Lois and G'pa Zip

Amy said...

What a cute family! Willow looks SO great... I can't wait to meet her :) Love, Amy