Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strong little girl

Hey everyone,

Josh here. It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm back in Marquette. I had a very productive day at home yesterday. I was busy cleaning and organizing. I got Willow's room pretty much ready to go. We've got the crib and every thing all set up. All we need is a crib mattress and a glider/rocker and we'll be all set.

It's great to be back down here. Thanks again to Judy for staying down for a couple of days. I don't think she minds too much, and it's such a help to us. We know that we could leave Willow for a couple days and she'd be in good hands with the nurses, but it feels so much better having someone down here to give us updates and spend some good time with Willow.
Willow is doing great again today. She's up to 4 lbs. 2 oz. She looked great when I went to see her a little bit ago. She was dressed in a Minnie Mouse t-shirt and pants. They are now going to keep clothes on her all the time as she is getting prepared to be moved to an open crib. Today the nurses started bringing the temp down in the isolette, which in turn requires Willow's body to regulate it's own temperature. They will keep weaning down the temp, and hopefully by tonight they will be able to move her into an open crib. The criteria for the crib are: no breathing assistance, at least 4 lbs., and able to maintain their own temp. She passes all those, so it's time to give it a shot.

Speaking of no breathing assistance, she still hasn't had any indication that she is going to need to go back on the cannula. Willow's nurse said that usually if they don't need it with in 24 hours, that the baby most likely won't need it ever again. Yeah!!! If Willow handles the open crib good tonight, then tomorrow they may try to feed her with a bottle for the first time. I hope she takes right to it and we can get out of the NICU ahead of schedule. I just knocked on some more wood. I try not to let myself get overly opptimistic, but at the same time I'm a very possitive person, so it's difficult.

I've got alot of pictures from the last few days, so I hope you all don't mind their being a few more than usual. Hope everyones having a great day, and I'll check back in tomorrow.




Jody and Don said...

Grandpa Charles and Grandma Judy you look just like the "old pros" that you are. Such cute pictures, Willow looks wonderful. Good news..

jannahope said...

Cute new pictures, she's getting so big!

Tracey and Dave said...

Wow it sure won't be long now and you all will be in H/H!! I agree with D and J that Gpa Chuck and Gma Judy look like old hands at that rocking and holding the baby routine! Well I can't wait to go to work tomorrow as alot of people stop by my desk for an update. They will all be excited that she has hit the 4 pound mark and that she now has now no cannula. Take care all. Love Tracey and Dave

Jill S said...
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Jill S said...

Great pictures, especially of the grandparents with Willow! What fun to have her in "proper" clothes. She looks so grown-up.